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Won't My Dog Miss Eating Grass? Artificial Grass for Dogs

Won't My Dog Miss Eating Grass? Artificial Grass for Dogs http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/wont-my-dog-miss-eating-grass-artificial-grass-for-dogs @heavenlygreensThe ancestors of your dog ate a wide range of foods, including plants and berries. While they no longer need the nutritional support from various plants, they still revert to eating grass when they are experiencing some sort of digestive distress or stomach upset. Nobody knows for sure exactly why a dog goes immediately to grass when having stomach issues, but there is plenty of speculation. Homeowners who choose to install artificial grass for dogs, don't need to worry that their pets will miss out on the advantages or the desire to eat or chew on natural grass.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

It is believed that dogs eating grass is a leftover habit. Even after years of evolution, eating grass offers what a dog needs to help them feel better if they are experiencing digestive issues. Many veterinarians believe that when a dog eats grass, the sensation of the blades as they pass over the throat and into the stomach can irritate the mucus membranes and stomach lining causing the dog to vomit or “throw up” whatever is causing their discomfort. Eating grass will not harm a dog in any way and because they don't take the time to actually chew it, veterinarians believe that whatever benefit they gain comes from the grass's texture. Animals were never natural grazers, but they would take the things they needed from whatever sources they had available.

How to Help Your Dog Avoid Stomach Issues

Dogs today receive all of the nutrients they need to survive in the manufactured pet foods you feed them. Pet food manufacturers formulate their products to provide your pet with all of the nutrients they need, including dietary fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. With all of the nutrients they need in one place, they no longer need to forage for food. Making sure your pets only eat the foods you provide for them will reduce the risk of them eating something that can upset their stomach or cause other health issues. Although you will not be able to protect them all the time, making sure they do not have access to dead animals or unknown food sources is a good start.

Your Dogs Will Love Artificial Grass!

Even though your dog will not be able to eat the artificial grass, they will love it simply because it feels good to them. Artificial grass for dogs is ideal because they can do everything they normally do without damaging the lawn. With natural grass, dogs dig in the dirt creating bare spots that must constantly be reseeded. They roll and play causing grass clippings and other types of lawn debris to stick to their coat. With artificial grass for dogs, your pet can do whatever dogs do and have a great time without any of the other issues natural grass may cause. No allergies. No dragging mud and grass into your home, and best of all, no worries about them eating something they don't need.

It has been said that eating grass will not harm your pet. Installing artificial grass for dogs will help to control what they are exposed to and will prevent them from eating natural grass or other plants that may cause them to vomit. If your dog has continued stomach issues, it is important to talk to the vet and find out what is causing the problem. The veterinarian can prescribe stomach aids that may help to reduce their discomfort and offer suggested changes in diet that will prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future. Controlling your pet's diet and closely monitoring what your pet is exposed to are often your best and only options.artificial turf for pet owners

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