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Do You Know When To Aerate and Dethatch Your Lawn?

Posted by Troy Scott on 05 March

Do you regularly aerate and dethatch your lawn? Although these chores are key to having a beautiful yard, they are often overlooked, resulting in unhappy, unhealthy grass. Maintaining a lawn in the Bay Area can be tough work! Scratch the thatch by installing artificial turf!

Do You Dethatch?

Healthy green lawns require dethatching

Thatch is composed of a mixture of living and dead grass that gathers at the roots of your lawn turf. It can form for a number of reasons, including over-watering or over-fertilizing, lack of aeration, mowing too often or too little, or using the wrong kind of fertilizer. A thin layer of thatch is healthy for your lawn, but if it builds up to thicken more than a ½ inch, it blocks air, light and water from reaching your lawn turf’s roots.

A lawn should be dethatched every year, or at least every other year, and the costs of dethatching add up. A specialized machine like a power rake or vertical mower does the job, but these machines are very expensive, plus the work is backbreaking, so it is recommended that a professional crew be hired. Depending on the thickness of the thatch, dethatching your lawn costs anywhere from a couple hundred to several hundred dollars per thousand square feet. 

How About Aeration?

Aerating is one of the most important yet most neglected aspects of lawn care. Aeration loosens the soil of the lawn so that water and nutrients soak into it. However, aerators are not only costly to rent or buy, aerating your lawn is very time demanding. Yet not aerating often enough increases the risk of building thatch up more quickly, resulting in more pricey lawn maintenance!

The question is: How can you have abeautiful lawn without all this maintenance time and cost?

Want to Skip the Tough Stuff?

No more thatch with artificial turf!Get artificial turf for your lawn! Heavenly Greens Artificial Turf reduces your lawn care costs and nearly eliminates lawn maintenance time. Dethatching and aerating will become things of the past, and you’ll love having a lush, green, life-like lawn all year round. Within just a few years, artificial lawns pay for themselves, saving you time, energy and especially money on standard lawn maintenance. See Heavenly Green’s artificial lawn installations, or visit our San Jose artificial turf showroom and experience our top-tier FieldTurf for yourself! 

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