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Lawn Care: The Money-Guzzler


a newly installed synthetic turf for homeowners to avoid the money-guzzling natural lawn maintenance

Let’s face it. A natural grass lawn is the Buick Electra of the landscaping world. It might not guzzle gas, but, boy, can it guzzle money. And it’s impossible to quench that thirst. So here’s something to think about. If you’ve long since stopped driving a gas-guzzler, why are you still trying to tame a money-guzzling lawn? 

The cost is worse than you think – much worse

Most of us have no idea what we’re really spending on lawn care. The money goes out in dribs and drabs. Money here for fertilizer to green up the grass and encourage it to fill in holes and grow more uniformly. Money there for weed killer to spray or for special little digging tools so you can get down on your hands and knees and remove dandelions and their friends one by one.

And let’s not forget money for the other products that fill the shelves in your garage or tool shed. Fungicides to get rid of mold and mildew that hide in your damp grass or attack the grass itself. Pesticides to fend off white flies, ants, and other tiny creatures that love the homey atmosphere your grass provides.

And then there’s the equipment. Mowers can run anywhere from a couple hundred to well over a thousand dollars. Unless you’re environmentally-friendly and choose electric tools, you have to purchase ongoing supplies of gas and oil for your mower, trimmer, blower, etc. Chi-ching. Blades need sharpening or replacing. Parts rust. Chi-ching. And before you had hoped, it’s time to replace the mower itself. Another big bill.

Of course, you don’t have to take care of your natural grass lawn yourself. Why do all that work and fuss around with supplies when you can hire a professional lawn care service? You can save time this way, but you you’ll pay for their time as well as their out-of-pocket expenses. As long as your time is worth more to you than theirs, this might be a good solution. But – and let’s be brutally honest here – does your lawn look as “professional” as the cost of maintaining it?

And we haven’t even mentioned water yet

No matter who does the lawn care work, you’re the one responsible for watering your grass. By now, you’d think the social pressure alone would have stopped all lawn watering here in northern California. But what’s a homeowner to do? If you still have a natural grass lawn, you have to water it or it will die. So you pay for that “privilege” with increasingly high water bills. And, maybe, you water at night when it’s less obvious.

Artificial grass pays for itself

No, top quality artificial grass isn’t cheap. But instead of throwing away money (and lots of it) on endless lawn care, you can invest in a beautiful lawn that upgrades your home’s visual appeal and future resale value. And you hardly have to lift a finger. Homeowners find that their synthetic turf pays for itself in just a few years because they save so much on equipment, supplies, and water. And your ROI just keeps getting better, because your fake grass will last many years beyond its pay-back period.

Homeowners always have a lot of projects they would love to get to, around the house and around the yard. Just think of how many great things you could afford to do if you didn’t have that money-guzzling lawn. Switching to artificial grass not only saves big money and time, it instantly transforms your landscaping into the thing of beauty you’ve always wanted.

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