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Fix Your Lawn Drainage and Pet Issues with Artificial Grass


Dogs on synthetic lawn and how to fix lawn drainage and pet issues with artificial grass for dogsIn summer, it can be easy to forget just how poorly your lawn drains away water. After all, rain is scarce to non-existent in summer, and you’re watering minimally or not at all, so there’s nothing to puddle up. But now that winter has rolled around again, it’s all coming back to you, isn’t it?

The pools of water. The mini-rivers of runoff. The slippery grass. The mud and crud that you get when water meets dirt and grass clippings. What a mess! Worse, lingering moisture gives your grass an ongoing dampness that’s no fun to play on and an invitation to charming guests such as mold, mildew, and insects. And, yet, this mess is entirely fixable.

Switch to artificial grass, and you’ll never have to worry about lawn drainage problems again.

Pets Create Their Own Drainage Problems

Dogs, especially, can wreak havoc on your lawn. Even if they aren’t the type to dig or they’re not prone to endless running in one small area, there is one thing all pets do outside – go potty. And, somehow, your lawn becomes the preferred place to do it. Not nice. Dog urine can damage or even kill natural grass, leaving yellow or bare spots.

And if you’re blessed with the clay soil so prevalent here in northern California, or your lawn isn’t perfectly flat, dog urine can puddle up just like water, thanks to that same lousy drainage issue. Really not nice. Can artificial grass fix this problem, too? Yes, of course! Whether moisture comes from the sky, your hose, or your pet, synthetic turf drains it all away, quickly and completely. With a quick hose rinse to the affected area, your grass won’t develop unpleasant lingering aromas, either.

How can this be? Artificial grass from Heavenly Greens is superior quality in every way, including the professional installation that goes well below the surface. Our MaxxFlow system is designed to easily and immediately divert moisture down and into the underlying soil. We use just the right infill to ensure drainage is always efficient. Plus, the grass dries quickly. We even offer specialized varieties of synthetic grass, made especially for households with pets. It’s just the thing for a lawn or a dog run.

Your dog will love the fake grass (even though he cannot destroy it). And you can finally enjoy the whole lawn, rather than avoiding certain areas in your yard.

Artificial Grass Solves All Your Problems

All your grass-related problems, anyway. Not only can you get rid of defective drainage and pet-created challenges, you can enjoy a long list of other benefits only fake grass can bring:

  • It is amazingly realistic looking, yet it’s better because it is always the picture of health -- beautifully green and luxuriant.
  • The surface is remains uniformly smooth, without holes or dips. (That said, artificial grass is the ideal solution if your yard’s terrain is naturally sloped or undulates.)
  • It is soft to the touch and softly comfortable to walk and play on.
  • It is clean and requires minimal maintenance.
  • It is non-toxic and allergen-free, so it’s safer for pets and your family.
  • It’s an investment in your home that will pay for itself in just a few short years, thanks to the dramatic savings that come from eliminating maintenance and watering.

So whether you’re looking to solve general lawn drainage problems or pet-specific issues, look no further than Heavenly Greens. We have natural-looking artificial grass solutions for every yard, no matter what your functional or aesthetic needs. Call us today at 888-254-5503 for a free quote.

Learn how artificial grass saves money.

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