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Lose the Insects and Install an Artificial Grass Lawn

Lose-The-Insects-Install-AG-Lawn-BlogNorthern California has ideal weather for outdoor living. We just love to get out in the back yard to enjoy ourselves – until uninvited guests crash the party, that is. We’re talking about insects – parades of ants, whining mosquitoes, pesky gnats and flies that will not go away no matter how much you swat at them. Sometimes it’s enough to send you right back indoors.

That’s so wrong! Here at Heavenly Greens, we want you to enjoy every possible minute of your outdoor experience. Did you know that you can say goodbye to most of those annoying insects by replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial turf? It’s a side-benefit of installing artificial grass that many people never know about. But it’s a big benefit, indeed.

Fake grass does not accumulate moisture

Other than a periodic rinse to keep it clean, you never have to water artificial turf. And if it rains, our Heaven Greens products, such as FieldTurf, provide outstanding drainage. Plus, the grass dries much faster than the real thing. Our installation process also ensures a consistently smooth surface, unlike natural grass that naturally develops humps and depressions over time.

The bottom line? Water does not accumulate in puddles. With no standing water, mosquitoes have to go elsewhere to live.

Another moisture issue that attracts insects to natural grass is shade. When portions of your lawn don’t get enough sunlight, it’s harder for moisture to evaporate. The resulting residual dampness encourages growth of mold and mildew that can smell and trigger allergic reactions in some people and pets. With no residual moisture, mold and mildew have nowhere to grow.

There is no moisture to lurk in the soil at the base of fake grass, either, because there is no soil above the turf’s mesh barrier. Instead, we use a special infill mixture that further facilitates drainage. That means there’s nothing to tempt insects that live in the soil or feed on bacteria and other microbes there. They have to go elsewhere, too.

Not only does that alleviate problems with insects that pester people, with fake grass you won’t have to fend off white flies and other insects that live in and damage natural lawns.

You won’t have to dodge so many bees or nasty wasps, either. That’s because the main thing that attracts them to your yard is pollen. Artificial grass doesn’t actually grow, so it never produces pollen.

Artificial turf also eliminates other pests

What lawn pests do we hate most of all? Moles and gophers. With fake grass, you can kiss them goodbye, too. The backing on our superior fake grass products is dig-proof, from both directions. Moles and gophers cannot dig up from below, and you’re your dog won’t be able to dig holes through the surface, either. No holes, no piles of dirt or mud. And did we mention, no gophers or moles?

A yard that is less inviting to insects is more inviting for people and pets. Installing artificial turf means you can look forward to warm days and evenings in your back yard, confident you’ll be able to relax or play in peace.

Artificial grass puts an end to endless swatting, itching, and dodging flying pests and cancels the ant parade. If you’re ready to “just say no” to bugs in your back yard, give us a call at Heavenly Greens. Then get out the grill and lawn games and invite the neighbors over for a sample of outdoor living, pest-free.

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