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Artificial Grass Is Good For The Environment


Artificial Grass Is Good For The Environment http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-grass-good-for-the-environment @heavenlygreensBy now every person in California knows what environmental conditions can do to their lawn. Drought is a killer, literally. But how many of us think about what our lawn is doing to the environment? Whether we’re combating drought or not, we’re busily maintaining our grass in other ways – mowing, trimming, applying all manner of products in the fight against weeds and disease. 

Live grass may be natural, but the things we do to maintain our lawns can be harmful to the environment in many ways. 


Artificial grass is eco-friendlier than the real thing 

  • The days of taking water for granted are long gone. The drought taught us that we have to conserve this precious resource indoors as well as in our landscaping practices. But even the most water-wise home owner pours an astounding amount of water on their live grass to keep it alive and healthy. And, still, too many home owners are over-watering in spite of the expense. Or watering in wasteful ways that direct moisture onto walkways or other non-lawn spaces. 

Artificial grass requires no water, except for the occasional cleaning rinse. 

  • Gas mowers pour an astounding amount of CO2 and other pollutants into the air. Running your mower for an hour produces toxic emissions equal to driving 100 miles in a car – a fact that’s been confirmed by Swedish scientists as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

Artificial grass requires no mowing. Mother Earth likes that, and people like it too. It means you can eliminate your mower, edger, gas, and the time and money required to care for equipment and actually mow the grass. 

  • Studies have shown that 60% of lawn care chemicals bypass your lawn and flow instead into storm drains, where they can deliver pollutants right into rivers and the SF Bay. The chemicals that do remain on the grass can harm kids and pets, and seep into the soil and aquifers. 

Artificial grass requires no chemicals. Furthermore, it doesn’t bring any into your yard. The superior quality synthetic grass products we offer at heavenly Greens are made from 100% non-toxic materials. And the grass is allergen-free, too. 

  • Grass clippings clog up our landfills. They account for an astounding 20% of municipal solid waste, contributing to the unfortunate fact that yard debris is the second-largest component of landfills. 

With artificial grass, there’s nothing to clip. 

  • Every paved space around the exterior of our homes heats the air as it absorbs and reflects the heat from the sun. 
  • Artificial grass is cooler, not to mention far more barefoot-friendly. Covering patios, decks, and rooftops with faux grass helps reduce heat pollution. So does replacing concrete or stone walkways with fake grass. 

Comprehensive environmental benefits

Artificial grass gives a great, big boost to your own personal environment, too. For example, the money you save by not mowing, maintaining equipment and purchasing supplies can have a dramatic impact on your financial environment. 

With all the benefits we’ve described above, fake grass is the hands-down best choice to create a grassy lawn you can be proud of in every way. That can serve as the centerpiece of a more broadly sustainable landscape. 

You can surround your eco-friendly grass with native or drought-resistant plants of every description to produce a uniquely lovely and eminently practical yard. You can augment that with hardscape features that add aesthetic interest and increase your outdoor living options. And knowing your artificial grass is allergen-free and toxin-free gives you peace of mind. It’s simply a healthier play environment for kids and dogs.

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