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Artificial Grass: Is It Tough Enough?

dog digging in grassEveryone loves artificial grass because it’s always perfect. And you barely have to lift a finger to keep it that way. But many folks still wonder whether fake grass is tough enough for their particular needs. No matter what you have in mind, we can confidently say, “You betcha!”

Tough enough for professional sports

Football, baseball, soccer – professional sports teams have flocked to artificial grass in droves because it is so much tougher – and reliably so – than natural grass turf. Sure, the pros want a snazzy looking field that that impresses folks in the stands and on TV, but the primary concerns are playability and player safety. Top quality products such as Heavenly Greens FieldTurf score every time.

Tough enough for the toughest kids

Not only yours, but the whole neighborhood gang. They can be just as tough on grass as the pros. But artificial grass is so much more fun to play on, your place will be the place to be. And while most moms would freak out at the thought of all those muddy feet traipsing in and out of the house, you’ll be all smiles. Fake grass doesn’t make mud and mess.

Tough enough for even the zoomiest dog

A decent size dog that loves to run and fetch can wreck a natural grass in no time, beyond recognition or repair. With artificial grass, you’ll never have to utter the words “wear and tear,” because your dog won’t cause any. Fake grass even foils the most industrious doggie excavator. And since it’s dig-proof, it’s also tough enough to send gophers, moles, and their friends packing.

And, P.S., Artificial grass is tough enough for potty time, too. A quick pick-up of poop and a rinse to wash away any residue or urine, and it’s all good. No ick, no stink, no yellowed spots.

Tough enough to withstand any climate

Natural grass has adapted into numerous varieties in order to survive local weather and growing conditions. Even so, most grass has a cyclical pattern, growing like mad in spring and summer, slowing down or going completely dormant in winter, and suffering damage if it is extremely hot or cold. That’s one reason it’s nearly impossible to keep your lawn looking consistently green and healthy all year long.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so it doesn’t care about heat, cold, or rainfall levels. It will look as consistently pretty next year (and many years from now) as it does today.

Tough enough to happily accommodate backyard parties

From informal BBQs to grad parties, bridal showers, birthday celebrations and pool parties, artificial grass has your back. Or maybe we should say your feet. It’s barefoot-friendly but tough enough for tables and chairs, and games for the kids. Spills? So what – high quality fake grass is easy to clean, and it won’t stain.

Out front, it’s tough enough to host all your holiday decorations, too. Perhaps a haunted house for Halloween this year.

The only place artificial grass is not tough?

On your wallet. Natural grass is a champion money guzzler. Artificial grass? Financially friendly in every way:

  • Saves a bundle on lawn maintenance supplies
  • Saves an even bigger bundle on water
  • Pays for itself in a surprisingly short number of years (and keeps on saving you money for years afterward)
  • Boosts the value of your property should you wish to sell someday

Something else that’s not tough? Getting great, straight advice from the experts about which style of artificial grass is best for your needs and how to design your project. Our Heavenly Greens team loves to talk grass (fake, of course), and we have a showroom where you can see and feel the options, up close and personal as they say. So let’s talk. It’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do.


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