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Why Artificial Grass Is The Perfect Surface For Bocce Ball


Why artificial grass Is the perfect surface for Bocce Ball http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-grass-is-perfect-surface-for-bocce-ball @heavenlygreensThe game of Bocce Ball was originally played in Italy. The game dates as far back as ancient Rome and is popular among Italians across the globe. Bocce ball is normally played on a natural soil, asphalt or well manicured lawn. People have started to surface bocce ball courts with artificial grass in an attempt to make the game easier to play. Artificial turf offers several advantages over natural soil and asphalt. It is also extremely easy to care for. The following benefits are why it is becoming a popular choice among people who like to play bocce ball in their spare time.

Uniform Height and Texture


Artificial grass is consistently the same height and texture throughout any given area. This makes it an ideal surface for most types of sports, including golf and bocce ball where the texture of the grass will determine how well the ball rolls. The density of the turf will also play a role in how easily the ball can be directed to where the player wants it to go. While the height of the blades and the texture can vary from brand to brand, there are several manufacturers who offer artificial grass for this type of play.


Better Ball Control


Certain types of turf will cause a ball to handle differently. Artificial grass that has a shorter pile will cause a ball to roll much faster, while longer blades will slow the ball down making it harder to maneuver. Golfers who use artificial grass for their backyard putting greens want as much control as possible. A special type of turf is used that provides maximum ball control at varying levels of speed. This same turf can be used on bocce ball courts, providing players with effortless ball handling and maximum accuracy.


Can Be Used Indoors or Out


People who enjoy playing bocce ball can put a smaller, scaled down version of a court inside their basement or garage if they want to practice. This gives the exact same surface that they would play on outside. Many bocce ball courts in public areas use artificial grass for a playing surface. This allows for uniform play all the time, no matter what time of day or what the weather. Natural soil and asphalt will change according to the weather conditions. Artificial grass remains the same whether the temperatures are hot or cold, wet or dry. Using artificial turf indoors is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to decorating and bringing a touch of the outdoors inside.


No Maintenance


Unlike natural soil courts, artificial grass requires no maintenance. It does not need to be watered, mowed or trimmed and doesn't require direct sunlight. The only real maintenance that may be needed on an occasional basis is to be swept with a broom or soft rake to remove any debris that may accumulate when the court is not in use. The soft rake can also be used to fluff the blades occasionally, if they seem to be getting matted down. Without any form of maintenance, your bocce ball court will remain vibrantly green, all the while providing you with a playing surface that is ideal for getting the most out of your game.


Individuals who are serious about playing certain games, will do whatever they can to create the perfect environment or playing field. While artificial grass has been used for decades for football, baseball and soccer, now it has found even more use as a suitable surface for both putting greens and bocce ball courts. The ability to choose the height and density of the pile is beneficial for being able to learn to control the ball in all different situations.

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