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The Customization Options You Have With An Artificial Putting Green

The Customization Options For An Artificial Putting Green http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-putting-green-customization-options @heavenlygreensMaking the choice to install an artificial putting green is the easy part. Choosing how you want to customize it is an entirely new ballgame. The choices are endless and you basically can design almost every aspect of it yourself. The landscapers may have to make slight alterations, but in the long run, you will have an artificial putting green that was built to your specific standards and specifications.


The size of your putting green is completely up to you. The size of your lawn will determine how large the project is, but the goal is getting the size you need to perfect the shot you want. Is your short putt off or do you have difficulty making the longer, more awkward shots? You can choose a rounder artificial putting green with a small sand trap or other hazard, or you can choose a longer, more narrow green to accommodate those longer shots that are sometimes harder to pull off.

Degree of Difficulty

When designing your putting green, you have the choice as to how hard you want to make things for yourself. The degree of difficulty that you build in to your putting green will determine how much you will be able to challenge yourself when you start to practice. Most people who install their own, backyard putting greens do so because they want to improve their short stroke. They also try to create situations they may eventually find themselves in on the course.


Landscaping companies have found ways to incorporate a wide variety of features into their artificial putting greens. If you want to have a longer putting area, you can maximize your space by putting a hole at each end, each with their own degree of difficulty. Slopes and angles can add a different type of challenge if that is what you are looking for. Artificial putting greens can also be landscaped to make them look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Different Types of Turf

The choice of turf will add a lot of integrity to your putting green. You can use regular artificial turf if you want, but they make turf that is specifically suited for putting greens for a reason. These special turfs maximize ball play and allow the golfer to have as much control as possible as to how the ball moves on its way to the hole. Some turfs are best suited for short play, while others can be used for almost any type of putt or shot.

Staying Within Your Budget

Installing an artificial putting green can be a costly endeavor. If you want to stick to a budget, talk to the company you are going to hire to install it. They will help you choose the best materials for the buck and will even give you some tips on how to save money when it comes to installation. The question is, due you want state of the art, professional quality or will an Pro-Am quality turf work for your needs. You can still have a beautiful, well designed putting area that will help you improve your game without having to put another mortgage on the house.

Customize your artificial putting green so that you have exactly what you want. Choose the features and turf that fit with what you are trying to achieve. When you design your own green, you have the opportunity to get everything you need or want in one step. Choose the right materials and you not only have a functional putting area, but landscaping that is visually appealing and valuable to the property. With a customized green, you can use your choices to maximize the final value of your project. Turn it into a working investment that will make your property more valuable in the long run.

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