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Can Artificial Grass Increase Your Home's Value?



Homeowners switch to artificial grass for the immediate and ongoing benefits. And there are a lot of benefits, for the entire family including your dog. But making the switch is also a long-term investment in your home. Artificial grass can, in fact, increase your home’s value – in more ways than one. Let’s take a look.

Aesthetic value

Nothing could be more obvious than the instant beauty upgrade that artificial grass brings to your yard.

You’ve just replaced a needy, iffy-looking lawn with something better – grass that will look perfect and perfectly stunning at all times, without regard to weather or frequent usage. That increases personal pride in your home and makes your property a visual asset to the entire neighborhood. Value everywhere you look.

Homeowner value

A home is more than a place to store your stuff and sleep. It’s the center of your life, indoors and outdoors. Artificial grass relieves you of traditional lawn maintenance chores and the associated time and expense. It requires just a little bit of effort, now and then. You’re free to spend all the time you save doing more at-home living, in more enjoyable ways. It’s hard to put a value on that because, truthfully, your time is priceless.

As a side benefit, because your grass always looks its best, you’ll want everyone to see and enjoy it with you. With artificial grass, you can throw parties and informal get-togethers without wasting a bunch of time sprucing up your yard before you can set up, decorate, and fire up the grill. Here in the Bay Area, we all understand the value of more outdoor living.

Monetary value 

We’ve noted that artificial grass gives a big boost to your home’s everyday curb appeal. But what if you want to sell this house some day? Any real estate agent will tell you that outstanding curb appeal translates into “oooh, I want THAT house!” when prospective buyers drive by. If your place looks that great on the outside, surely the interior is a must-see as well.

For potential buyers, lack of lawn maintenance can also be a major selling point. It might not directly increase the dollar value of your home, but anyone can instantly appreciate the time and money savings they’ll reap from not having to deal with endless lawn care.

And while fabulous curb appeal and an easy-care lawn add intangible value, studies have proven that artificial grass increase the financial value of your property.

And it’s not just lawn we’re talking about . . .

More and more homeowners who love golf are discovering the true joy of having a backyard putting green. Artificial grass makes that possible, with specially-designed turf. Adding a putting green and related accessories not only makes it easy to practice putting and chipping to improve your short game, it boosts your score in landscape appearance and further increases overall property value, too.  

Here at Heavenly Greens, we carry artificial grass for both casual and serious golfers, so you can design an installation that meets all your terrain and performance desires.

Hate to wait?

You can get in on all this increased value right now, because we can install artificial grass any time of the year. So, call now – grass experts are standing by.

Who cares if you have no plans to sell your home! You want to enjoy every square inch of your property to the fullest, day in and day out. The sooner you switch to artificial grass for your lawn, or add a putting green or bocce ball court, the sooner you will be up to your smile in value.

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