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What Company Makes The Most Realistic Artificial Grass?


What Company Makes The Most Realistic Artificial Grass  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/company-with-the-most-realistic-artificial-grass @heavenlygreens

If you are searching for the most realistic artificial grass, there are several options to explore. However, while many turf companies now make synthetic turf, only a few offer products that are truly lifelike.

For some applications, realism may not be critical, but quality manufacturers use different piles and textures to enhance product performance. For instance, for golf courses and backyard putting greens, it is imperative that the grass is as realistic as possible for maximum ball control.So, how do you know who makes the most realistic artificial grass? Most companies disclose the materials and construction methods used in manufacturing their products. Most also post reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers online. To save you a little time, here’s a roundup of the companies that make the most realistic artificial turf on the market today.

Easy Turf

Easy Turf is manufactured by FieldTurf, one of the industry’s biggest names. One reason their products are so realistic is that they incorporate multi-colored blades that are true to the colors of natural grass. Easy Turf also offers one of the best drainage systems, called MaxxFlow, which allows maximum moisture drainage. The grass is 100% permeable and comes with an impressive 15-year warranty. Well-known dog trainer Cesar Milan professionally endorses Easy Turf and uses it in his dog training facility.


SynLawn is one of the best-known and respected artificial grass manufacturers. Their products are also very realistic, though the material is different. SynLawn products are made entirely in the United States, using BioCel Technology. This technology uses renewable resources such as soy beans to create bio-based polymers instead of the more common petroleum-based polymers. SynLawn products also have an “Enviroloc” backing that keeps the blades in place and is extremely durable, even under the most extreme conditions.

Frass Grass

Frass Grass is another very natural looking artificial grass products available. It is made from materials that look and feel as close to natural grass as possible. While some turfs are created to feel like natural grass, Frass Grass also looks visually appealing. The company makes several different types of artificial turf, each featuring unique different piles and textures to suit a specific purpose. Popular examples include turf for pet areas, playgrounds, and lawns.


AstroTurf is the nation's oldest – and, undoubtedly the most famous -- artificial turf company. It has been used for decades in athletic stadiums, where it got its start, as well as its name. Over the years, AstroTurf products have continued to improve in both durability and construction, and they are now among the most realistic options. The company offers a money back guarantee.

See and feel for yourself

At Heavenly Greens, we offer numerous styles of artificial grass, all designed for specific purposes.

Knowing how you plan to use your turf helps us advise you about the best choices for your project and budget – not only how realistic your grass will look, but how it will perform over the years.

We sell and install only superior quality products. So, no matter what you choose, you can be sure you are getting grass that will look its gorgeous best for many years to come, with hardly any maintenance and no expense for traditional lawn care or watering. That’s an excellent return on any investment.

Want to know more about what makes fake grass realistic? Why not pay a visit to our showroom, conveniently located in San Jose? Our Heavenly Greens team loves to answer questions, and you’ll be able to see and feel the grass options for yourself.

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