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Cooking Safely Around Artificial Turf


Cooking Safely Around Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/cooking-safely-around-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensWhether you have a large built in grill/barbecue or a small hibachi, cooking outside can be the highlight of the day, as well as producing some incredibly delicious meals. Just because you install artificial turf in the back lawn or in landscaped areas of your home, it doesn't mean you have to stop grilling your favorite foods. A few precautions will allow you to tailgate or picnic to your heart's desire without fear of damaging your turf.


Create a Cement Platform

If you don't want to grill right next to your home, you can place your grill next to your patio. To protect your artificial turf you will need to build a foundation or base for your grill to sit on. Cement pavers or bricks can provide a firm and secure surface for your grill. Make sure the base is level so the grill will not tilt or lean causing spills or dangerous accidents. Once the base is properly leveled and the grill secure, ensure that the base is large enough to prevent any splatter from the food as it cooks, or if a utensil should fall off of the cooking surface. Talking to a local landscaper will help you create a grilling space you can be proud of.


Secure Your Utensils

Your cooking utensils are the main concern when cooking outside. They will be both hot and messy during the time you are cooking. Taking precautions to secure them will protect your lawn from any potential damage that would be caused if they slipped out of your hands or were knocked off of the grill.


One way to secure your utensils is to carry them on a tray. Making sure to place the utensils back in the tray after each use prevents them from flipping off of the cooking surface or platter and damaging your artificial turf. Your utensils can also be attached to the handle of the grill by a cord and lanyard that will prevent them from touching the ground if they are dropped.


Keep a Trash Can Next to the Grill

Keeping a trash can next to the grill is essential so that you don't have to carry anything across the lawn or patio to throw it away. This makes it easy to prevent drippings from falling onto your artificial turf and damaging the blades. It's also great for a quicker cleanup and fewer messes when cleaning the area. Have a roll of paper towels within reach as well to wipe up any spills or messes that may occur during the cooking process.


Don't Leave Grill or Food Unattended

One of the most important tips is to never leave the grill or the food unattended. A pet or child can attempt to get a piece of food and unintentionally knock the grill over, pull the food off of the grill, or worst of all, get severely burnt in the process. If you do go inside for a few minutes, make sure the lid on the grill is closed and that all utensils, plates, and platters are out of reach and covered. You may also want to turn the heat down to a low temperature until you return to prevent the food from burning.


Implementing a few safety tips when grilling outside will protect your food, your family, and your artificial turf. A few simple precautions will allow you to cook your favorite grilled foods without worrying about how your artificial turf will make it through the process. The right precautions and a little common sense will give you the best of both worlds. You can have your steak and eat it too! View Products

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