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Decorative Hardscape Ideas to Support Your Artificial Turf


Decorative Hardscape Ideas to Support Your Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/decorative-hardscape-ideas @heavenlygreensBack in the early days of our famous California drought, many people thought their only choice was to rip out their lawn and replace it with water-free hardscape. Rocks. Gravel. Concrete. Ugh. So hot. And so unbecoming, even for those who prefer a minimalist yard. Thankfully, “greener” heads prevailed and artificial turf has become the lawn of choice for South Bay Area property owners.


With artificial turf, you can have the luxurious lawn of your dreams. Then you can decorate around it in pretty, positive ways using various types of hardscape. Hardscapes add structure and visual interest to your landscape design, increase your home’s curb appeal, and enhance the livability of your outdoor spaces.


Need some ideas about decorating with hardscape?

You can use stone, concrete, wood, or metal to create permanent additions to your landscape. These days concrete can be made to look like real stone or colored to create interesting visuals. And just as you chose artificial turf for your lawn, you could also choose faux stone instead of the real thing for some purposes.


So many choices! You can match your home’s architecture, your lifestyle, and your budget. It can be so overwhelming it’s difficult to know where to start. So we thought you might like some inspiration, to kick-start your outdoor planning. You can mix and match any of these ideas:   

  • Build a patio or a deck. Create a giant checkerboard by alternating squares of hardscape and artificial turf. Or create any pattern you like.
  • Create a “planter island” in the middle of your patio.
  • Install a pool, if you don’t already have one.
  • Build an outdoor fireplace, or fire pit.
  • Install a gas fireplace, or construct an entire outdoor kitchen.
  • Use one or several large boulders as focal points.
  • Add statuary or other yard art.
  • Adding a step or two to elevate or recess a portion of the garden, is a great way to accommodate undulations in terrain, or you can build an entire staircase that winds down a hillside leading from one garden tier to another.
  • Create a faux creek using various sizes and colors of stones.
  • Or a water feature with a small koi pond or soothing fountain.
  • Replace your driveway or pathways with flow-through pavers that allow water to drain into the soil, then inter-plant them with artificial grass.
  • Or tuck fake grass around individual stepping stones to provide a pretty, informal, softer-looking walkway or outdoor area. This is a landscaping look many homeowners love but shy away from, because it can be a headache to maintain with real grass or “walkable” groundcovers. With faux grass, you can have the flagstones you’ve always wanted without the maintenance.
  • Use rock, bricks, or blocks to line the perimeter of your artificial grass lawn. Or build in a planter wall instead, and fill it with herbs, flowers, or veggies.
  • Build a shady arbor, or a pergola, or a gazebo. Twine some vines up the posts and across the top – think grapes or wisteria or clematis
  • Add store-bought or built-in benches or other seating.
  • Use pretty fencing and gates – either tall for privacy screening or lower to offset spaces and divide your landscape into “rooms.”


Whew, that’s a lot of ideas. Need more?

Check out this “wow-worthy” hardscaping suggestions from HGTV. And don’t forget to check out our Heavenly Greens outdoor living gallery. Thanks to your artificial turf, you’ll never have to reject a design idea because it would be too big a hassle to mow. No matter how odd the shape, artificial turf will fit snugly and beautifully.

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