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Don't Let Winter Get Tracked Into Your Home - Get Artificial Grass


Endless mopping of a muddy floor due to winterWe appreciate the winter rains when they come to northern California, because our state badly needs the water. If only the rain didn’t bring its own list of negatives! Worst, of course, is the flooding and serious erosion that further devastates fire-ravaged areas. But, on a more mundane level, rain makes a mess everywhere. Including your home.

It’s that pesky natural grass lawn, rearing its ugly head again. It’s in cahoots with the rain when it comes to making a mess. And the mess it makes gets tracked straight into your house, on shoes and paws. It seems as if you spend half the winter on your hands and knees wiping up the floor or repeatedly hauling out the mop. Is this really necessary?

If you could coax that lawn into prime condition and keep it that way, it might be less messy. But you can’t. Heaven knows you’ve tried to grow the grass of your dreams, but it remains more of a nightmare. And even after you went to the effort to winterize it (again) this year, it still sports crumbly, soggy pieces of debris and leftover grass clippings that your mower didn’t pick up. And worn-out patches where your kids or the dog have ground down the grass playing or (at least in the dog’s case), digging a few exploratory holes. Everywhere grass is missing, there’s dirt or mud, depending on the weather.

Artificial grass is the clean solution

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so there is never a need to mow. (Or do any of that other stuff we all associate with lawn care.) No mowing means no clippings or chopped-up leaves and other debris. No debris from your lawn means you get cleaner walkways and cleaner short-cuts across the grass. And – joy of joys – all that means none of that messy junk gets tracked into your house.

You won’t see muddy footprints or paw prints, either, unless the kids or your dog take a detour through your garden. But we know your family is better behaved than that. Artificial grass doesn’t generate mud any more than it generates debris. Rain water and other moisture drains right through, and fast, so the water never puddles up. And, by definition, there are no “dead” spots to go bare and become mud patches.

Thanks to installing artificial grass, your holiday pre-party yard clean-up is virtually non-existent. Your yard not only looks tidy, it looks great. Your gorgeously green and luxuriant grass provides the perfect contrast (or foundation) for your festive seasonal decorations. Welcome, guests! Come on in. No worries about what you might track into our home.

Artificial grass is the year-round solution

While we typically see rain (if we see it at all) in the winter, cleaning up stuff that gets tracked into your house can be a discouraging 365-day chore if you have a natural grass lawn. Switching to artificial grass not only solves that problem in winter, it helps keep your floors cleaner in every season, once and for all.

So, if you could spend less time in 2019 cleaning your floors and sweeping your walkways, patio, and pool surround, what would you do instead? The possibilities are endless. Perhaps some real gardening! No reason to wait until summer to read up on landscaping ideas, though. Put your feet up this winter and starting planning your spring planting.

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