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How Artificial Grass Reduces Maintenance Costs And Attracts Tenants


Residential and commercial buildings and how artificial grass helps in attracting tenants while reducing maintenance costsAttractive properties attract tenants, whether you’re looking to populate your property with businesses or residents. For property managers, building maintenance – including the grounds – is a major expense and an ongoing concern. Tenants expect consistent quality, because where they live or locate their offices reflects on them as well as on you. Artificial grass reduces costs, and it also entices tenants.

A pretty face makes a great first impression

No matter the architecture of your commercial building, it’s the landscaping that makes the place come alive. It’s a visual treat for passers-by and a draw for potential tenants. Beautiful surroundings announce that you care about your property – and probably your tenants as well. Everyone loves grass, so lawn is almost always the centerpiece of commercial building grounds.

But natural grass is so expensive to maintain!

You have to purchase and maintain an array of equipment, from mowers and blowers to trimmers and sprayers. You have to purchase and safely store gallons of chemicals to feed your grass and fend off pests, disease, and weeds. You have to hire people to do all that work. And you have to pay for all that water to keep the grass green and growing.

It never stops. Here in northern California, it can be an almost year round endeavor, if the winter is warm enough. Worse, despite all that money and effort, natural grass always seems to need something more. No wonder you lie awake at night worrying about your building maintenance budget.

Good things happen when you switch to artificial grass

You can get out your red marker and cross off line after line on your expense budget:

  • Funds to buy and maintain lawn maintenance equipment? Gone.
  • Funds to buy and store potentially harmful chemicals? Gone.
  • Funds to pay the ever-increasing water bill? Gone, gone, gone.
  • Funds to pay for labor? Well, let’s think about that. You could reduce your staff and save money, but you could also “repurpose” those employees to handle other building maintenance needs. Or finally get started working on that new upgrade that’s been waiting in the budgetary wings.

Your bottom line is looking better and better, and so is your landscaping. Because while installing synthetic turf dramatically reduces building maintenance costs it also dramatically improves your property’s visual appeal. It looks pristine and inviting on Day One and every day thereafter. No worn spots from foot traffic, no yellow patches or other dog damage, no damage from moles and gophers, either. Just gorgeous, uniform grass, looking good to the eye and feeling soft to the touch.

Compared to slaving over natural grass, maintaining artificial grass is a piece of cake, too. Typically, it requires only a monthly hose rinse to wash away dust or a quick sweep with a blower to remove debris. No worries about fading, stains, tears or wearing through. If something is spilled on the grass, it’s easy to clean. Minimal effort, maximum benefit.

Artificial grass is a tenant magnet

Your building and grounds are simply stunning. Who wouldn’t want to arrive to work here every day? Or arrive home from work every day to this beautiful – and beautifully maintained – setting?

But tenants want more than just a pretty face, and once again artificial grass has you covered. It’s not only for lawns, there are styles of fake grass that provide an ideal surface for amenities from play areas for kids and dogs to bocce ball courts and custom-designed putting greens. Talk about selling points to attract new business or residential tenants!

When it comes to getting a great return on investments you make in your commercial property, artificial grass is in a class by itself. You will not only save handsomely on building maintenance costs, you’ll have more ways to attract (and keep) tenants.

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