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How Much Does It Cost to Install an Artificial Golf Green?

artificial golf green - how much does it cost to installAdding a backyard golf green can be a great way to practice your golf swing and the intricacies of your putting stroke, whether you’re a serious golfer or still learning the game. But just how much will it cost? That depends on a number of factors. Overall, recreational projects cost somewhat more than installing artificial grass lawns because the projects are more complex.

The size and style of your putting green will determine the cost of your project. Backyard golf greens can be compact and simple or large and complex enough to let you practice more varied and longer shots. Besides the green itself, there are numerous features you can add to enhance realism and practical value. These will also affect your total cost, but will also increase your enjoyment.

For example, you may want to incorporate different elevations or breaks, hole placements, bunkers, fringe, even a tee box. With all these options, our friendly, golf-loving Heavenly Greens experts can help you custom-design a putting green that beautifully fits your space and needs.

Turf Choice

At heavenly Greens, we offer different types of artificial grass specifically designed to provide optimum ball play and roll. This turf is more expensive than the artificial grass we install as lawn, because it is constructed and finished differently. For example, you want a lawn that is soft and fluffy, but that’s no good for putting. So the blades of golf turf are sheared, allowing your ball to roll properly and smoothly at any speed.

But there’s more. While you’re considering the aesthetics and playability of your project, things you won’t see also affect the ultimate cost – and the return you can expect on your investment. Nonetheless, there are a few ways you can shave a few dollars off your final cost, if you are so inclined.


Before any artificial grass can be installed, the ground has to be prepared. Site prep may include turning the soil, leveling the ground, and establishing a set boundary. If the area has dips and humps (often the case over time with natural grass), fill dirt may be needed to level the surface. Or, you may need fill (or more work) to deliberately create the terrain challenges you want for your green.

If you hire a landscaping company to install your putting green, their price will include site preparation. You can save money by doing that initial work yourself, before the landscaping crew arrives to install the artificial turf.

Quality Installation Is Critical

There is no question that labor adds to the cost of your project. Technically, you could install the artificial turf yourself, rather than hiring a landscaping crew. However, aside from the fact that it is a lot of work, it is exacting work. Every detail affects the results, both performance and longevity of your putting green. Only an experienced, professional crew knows what it takes to make sure the artificial turf is tight and smooth, at first and years from now.

Once your artificial grass golf green is properly installed, you won’t have to worry about time, weather, and foot traffic damaging the look or play of the surface. On the other hand, DIY installation is likely to void your warranty or other guarantees associated with your artificial turf. That fact alone can make professional installation the obvious choice.

So, What Will It Cost?

Ultimately, the price of your backyard golf green will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. As a general rule of thumb, though, you can expect to pay about $18-$25 per square foot. But a putting green isn’t a toy, it is an investment in your home’s aesthetic appeal and future resale value as well as your personal pleasure. To learn more about that, we invite you to check out our Homeowner's Guide to Artificial Grass

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