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How To Create Attractive Outdoor Living Areas For Your Tenants


Attractive recreational area with artificial grass for an apartment complex outdoor living spaceHere in the Bay Area, no apartment complex could possibly be complete without attractive outdoor living areas. Sure, tenants want a nice interior space to call home, but no one wants to spend all their time indoors when we have such splendid weather so much of the year. Single adults, families with kids, tenants with pets – they all want places to play or simply kick back and enjoy the day.

And what’s the common theme here? Grass! Not the live stuff – it may be “natural,” but it’s famously greedy when it comes to water, and it’s a pain in the pocketbook to maintain. No, we’re talking about artificial grass. Today’s synthetic turf looks and feels like the real thing, and it’s superior in every way. It’s so versatile and light on the upkeep, you can afford to add tenant amenities that might otherwise be out of reach. Boy, will you be popular!

Just think of the possibilities.

Around the pool

There’s no rule that says your pool has to be surrounded by hot, ugly concrete. Fake grass performs the same service, in a prettier, foot-friendlier way. It’s softer and cooler, it drains away splashed water quickly and it doesn’t get slippery when it’s wet. Pool chemicals won’t fade or stain it. And lounges for sunbathing? No sweat.


Traditional materials such as sand or bark dust used under play structures make a mess. Artificial grass not only looks better, when it’s installed with our FallSoft technology it protects kids from falls as high as 5 feet better than natural grass.

Doggie play space

Artificial grass is the dog-friendliest surface you can find. It is rough-and-tumble tough for unlimited play, dig-proof, and when dogs do their potty thing, clean-up is easy with a pickup and hose rinse. No puddles, no mess, no dogs running wild in the shrubbery.

Putting greens and bocce ball courts

Whoa, now we’re taking! Talk about amenities that will put your property miles ahead of the competition. There are artificial grass products specifically made for putting greens or bocce courts, and since this turf will grow anywhere, you can install courts indoors as well as out. We can help you custom-design a putting green to fit your space and terrain, complete with sand traps, apron for practicing chip shots and even a tee box for driver practice. We can size bocce courts to fit, too, if necessary.

Sports fields

A nice grassy expanse adds visual appeal to your apartment complex, and folks just naturally gravitate to the area for a pick-up game of football, Frisbee toss, etc. With artificial grass underfoot, you’ll have no worries about damaged areas that look unsightly and can cause trip-and-fall accidents, whether tenants plan on the front lawn or you build a separate sports field.

Special event space

Another amenity tenants really appreciate is grassy space designated for their personal events such as weddings, parties, and other special gatherings. With artificial grass, there are no worries about dampness, mud, or high heels sinking in.

Artificial grass has you covered when it comes to outdoor living

Tenants expect you to provide a nice pool and a gym or some other type of workout space. But if you expect to attract top-grade tenants and keep your occupancy at 100%, you need to upgrade your menu of amenities. Thanks to artificial grass, you can do just that – transforming your property into a must-live-here apartment complex without breaking the bank.

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