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How To Make Your Event Venue Stand Out With Artificial Grass


How-To-Make-Your-Event-Stand-Out-With-Artificial-Grass-BlogSpecial events are part of our lives, for both personal and business occasions. Choosing the right venue is arguably the most important decision an event planner can make. To attract attention and distinguish your facility from the competition, you need that “special something” that seals the deal with prospects. Artificial grass.

A grassy lawn is a must-have for many types of venues, and artificial grass is a stand-out compared to natural grass. It has the power to make your event venue stand out, too. With artificial grass, you can:

Make a first-rate first impression

Event participants want to thoroughly enjoy their experience. Sure, they come to your venue for a specific reason – to attend a wedding, a concert on the green, a new product launch, or an exclusive wine tasting. They will be focused on the people and activities involved with that. But the first impression they have will be of the venue itself.

An exceptional first impression reflects beautifully on you and on the client who selected your venue for their event.

Add crowd-pleasing amenities

Incorporating extra amenities makes your event venue more desirable. People come to a specific event for a specific reason, but often there is pre-function time to fill. And for some events, fun and games are integral part of the action. Artificial grass allows you to easily install two wildly popular amenities that are sure to please adults and also families with kids:

Be prepared for anything

Surprise indoor guests with a grassy courtyard or lawn suitable for anything from picnics to performances. Who cares if it decided to rain? It’s dry and warm indoors, no reason to sacrifice any of the planned fun or outdoorsy ambiance.

Promote your “Good Neighbor” status

Increasingly, people are looking to do business with businesses that are good community neighbors. And here in California, good neighbors are all about environmental friendliness and water conservation. Artificial grass is a standard-bearer when it comes to saving water. You won’t waste a drop watering your grass, or send harmful chemicals into the ecosystem via runoff. Plus, fake grass actually does more than natural grass when it comes to promoting good drainage and water retention in the soil.

By installing artificial grass, you not only save water and save money, you gain a significant selling point.

Host an event for a cherished cause

Your venue would be perfect for that new fundraiser your favorite non-profit is considering. Wouldn’t you love to show your support by hosting the event for free? You can, with artificial grass. Here’s why.

Natural grass requires downtime to recover in between high-traffic events. It gets squashed and develops bare spots and holes that are not only ugly but potentially dangerous for unwary guests as they walk around. Many venues find they have to fully replace their lawn, multiple times during the year. Lost time means lost revenue, so you need every saleable moment you can get to turn a profit and grow your business.

Artificial grass doesn’t falter under high traffic, so it’s always ready to play. Instead of downtime, you can book more paying events and still leave space in your schedule to host that charity fundraiser.

What a great way to give back to the community! (And what a great way to invite more guests on property to see just how impressive your venue is in other ways.)

Artificial grass elevates your event venue in tangible and intangible ways. It enables you to make an indelible first impression, offer more for guests, and do right by the environment and your community.

Learn how artificial grass saves money.

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