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Playground Landscaping Ideas with the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose

Elegant Playground Designs Using the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose

Backyard Playground

Using the best artificial turf in San Jose guarantees unlimited fun! Synthetic turf offers the following benefits for playground design:

  • Non-toxic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials
  • Shock-absorbent layer softens trips and falls
  • Versatile enough to accommodate any fun and practical design
  • Drains quickly, so children can play right after it rains
  • Tough and durable against the roughest playtime
  • Perfect for games like bocce ball and backyard putting greens

Just because your yard is now a kids' paradise doesn't mean it can't look sophisticated at the same time. 

4 Beautiful Features You Can Add to a Synthetic Playground

From complex installations like trees to simpler ones like lighting, you have many design approaches to try. Talk to your installer about getting creative with your playground:

  • Install Privacy Walls or Hedges

Privacy walls and hedges add a layer of security to your yard. Also, they ensure that your children and their friends remain safe from passersby and vehicles. 

You can also customize their appearance with plants and gardening features. For instance, try planting creeping vines over privacy walls. They perfectly match the thick, evergreen appearance of the best artificial turf in San Jose.

As for hedges, install edging material between them and your artificial turf. Choose a material and color that stands out to create an attractive border, such as traditional red brick or cast stone.

  • Use Different Colored Grass

Some homeowners want to separate the play space from the rest of the garden to keep things visually organized. They do this by using sand or wood mulch as the playground surface. However, they're unsafe because they can scrape and puncture the skin.

Alternatively, installers can use colored artificial grass to achieve the same effect. Aside from being safer for kids, the many color combinations also help you customize the look any way you want.

Before starting your synthetic turf installation in San Jose, get more recommendations. This way, you explore all options before settling on something permanent. Reliable installers are the best sources of advice because they know the ins and outs of their products. 

  • Plant Ornamental Trees

Trees are great landscaping features to have around a playground! And yes, you can combine live plants and trees with synthetic turf.

Some species you can try are the Newport plum and flowering dogwood. Both produce vibrant flowers that match well with the mood of the space. 

Make sure there's enough room between the playset and your trees. If the trees are too close, their branches may fall all over the playground. Because the broken pieces have sharp edges, they can cause painful splinter wounds and scratch the best artificial turf fibers.

Alternatively, you can have them trimmed regularly to prevent dangerous overhanging limbs that can fall anytime.

  • Add Dramatic Night Lighting

Playsets can serve as a design focal point. In fact, they appear more attractive with strategically-placed bulbs that produce light and shadow.

The ideal places to install them are under the ceiling and on the upper and lower bars. You can even place lampposts or floor lamps nearby to light up the playset from any angle.

You should always choose LED lighting for ground installations. This is because they emit less heat, making them perfect for artificial grass.

Build a Backyard Wonderland with Artificial Turf

Playgrounds don't just benefit children. In fact, they also reward you by increasing the visual appeal and value of your property. They're also the best place to bond with family and friends! Contact Heavenly Greens today to learn more about how to upgrade your yard with artificial grass.

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