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The Best Holiday Games and Sports to Play on Your Artificial Grass



Don’t you just love the year-end holidays? It’s the time that extended families and dear friends traditionally gather to celebrate. Their celebration may or may not be religious, but fun is always on the menu. The party (or the week-long visit) wouldn’t be complete without lots of activities for all ages. This year, why not think outside the “box” and move play time outdoors onto your artificial grass?

There is no end to the holiday games and sports you can play on artificial grass. First, though, you’ll want to be sure it’s in tip-top shape. This will be quick and easy – probably the only thing about your holidays you can say that about.


Now to the fun part

Fall favorites such as football are seasonally appropriate and great exercise – perfect for burning off high-calorie holiday fare. Lots of summertime favorites keep going strong as the holidays arrive, too, as long as the weather holds. We haven't seen it yet, but weather experts predict we’re in for a drier and warmer than normal winter here in the Bay Area (which begs the question, “what is normal anymore, anyway?”) The upside of this unfortunate weather prediction is that you can have a great time putting a holiday spin on warm weather lawn games.

  • Pin the nose on the snowman, for example.
  • Or a festive version of corn hole. Paint a fun snowman on cardboard or a sheet of plywood, cut holes in his three sections, then prop him up against a wall (or attach “wings” on either side to make a three-sided stand-alone prop). Easier? Throw a fake snowball through a wreath.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt for the kids. Hide plastic ornaments or wrapped candy canes instead of Easter eggs.
  • Convert ring toss to reindeer antler toss. Stick a couple of branches upside down in a cardboard box (decorated like a reindeer face), then make lightweight rings out of colored pipe cleaners or something similar. All ages can play, just move the throwing line back for older kids and adults.
  • Put a holiday spin on capture the flag, replacing the flag with a bag of Hanukkah gelt or a Santa hat.
  • Make an ornament piñata (or several) and hang them at age-appropriate levels from tree limbs, etc. Don’t forget to pre-fill them with colorful holiday candies – or more of that chocolatey gelt!!

What else can you do? Country Living has loads of ideas for all ages and all types of holiday get-togethers, many of them easily adaptable for outdoor play.

And, heck, even if it does rain, your artificial grass won’t get all nasty. No slipping and sliding like you get with wet natural grass. And no scraped-up muddy spots to provide tracked-in gunk just when you’re finally finished spiffing and decorating for your big holiday party.

Guests could be putting on your private green

Or rolling in fun on your own backyard bocce ball court. Don’t already have a backyard putting green or bocce court? Heaven forbid! Our elves here at Heavenly Greens can help with that. You’ll be ready to party and play with friends and family all year long. (And your short game will be looking sharper than ever, too.)

Fresh air and a fresh take on favorite games and sports. Thanks to your artificial grass, this will be a holiday to remember. Guess who will be hosting again next year?

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