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Tips To Get Your Artificial Grass Ready For The Holidays


Leaf blower and leaf broom to help you get your artificial grass ready for the holidaysThe holidays are upon us – yet another season in which you can celebrate the day you replaced your natural grass lawn with always-beautiful artificial grass. Since you no longer have to winterize your lawn, there really isn’t much you have to do to get it ready for the holidays. 

Straggler fallen leaves or blown-in debris?

Give them a quick blow or rake, and your emerald surface looks as uniformly inviting as it does in the midst of summer. No holes or raggedy bare spots, no mud for pets and humans to track into the house. Lush and pretty, and ready to party. Good thing, because you’re probably planning a festive holiday party right now.

Displays and decorations

Are you one of those homeowners who go all out with house and yard decorations for every occasion, all year long? Or do you save your creativity and effort for the year-end holidays

Either way, your artificial grass is poised to serve as Display Central. You can create an entire scene using kids’ toys or holiday motifs such as snowmen or Christmas trees or and polar bears.

Construct decorations yourself – this is a fun project to do with kids – or shop online. You’re limited only by your imagination, the size of your yard and house, and your ambition. But we know you’ll want to include lights. LEDs are readily available now, and they’re the most popular type of lights. They burn bright but not hot, they last a very long time, they’re weather-resistant, and they’re energy efficient.

There are a few dos and don’ts you should observe when setting out displays or decorations on your artificial grass. But they won’t get in the way of creating the spectacular (or subtly elegant) vision you have in mind.

Torrential rain? So what?

Much as we need the moisture, it’s hard to be thankful for the rain when it’s coming down in buckets. But, hey, your artificial grass is ready for that, too. It drains far better than live grass, so your yard will capture and benefit from maximum moisture. That means less run-off to stream down the sidewalk or street, carrying oils and other urban contaminants into the waterways. And no worries about erosion from all that pelting rain.

Outdoor games

When it’s not raining, fall and winter weather can be nicely mild here in the Bay Area. That means you still have plenty of opportunities to play outdoors on your lawn. Perhaps a bit of touch football with the family or neighbors. Or some frenzied Frisbee tossing to exercise your dog. If he’s tired enough, maybe he’ll leave the Christmas tree alone this year. Your cat? We can’t help you there.

And if you cleverly installed a backyard putting green or bocce ball court as part of your switch to artificial grass, you can continue those outdoor games as well. No reason to let your skills languish over the winter. The surface is ready whenever you are.

You’ve got this!

If you still had natural grass, you’d be all worn out (and caked with mud and debris) from the exertion of getting your lawn ready for the holidays. But, smarty that you are, it took you just a few minutes to spiff your artificial grass. You deserve a reward! Why not grab a hot beverage, put your feet up, and enjoy a good book, the crackling fire in your fireplace, and the view out your window. That’s some nice holiday decorating you’ve done out there. Your neighbors and party guests will be most impressed.

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