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Landscaping Ideas for Artificial Grass Are Endless - Get Inspired

The Possibilities Are Endless! Learn About Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas. http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/the-possibilities-are-endless-learn-about-artificial-grass-landscaping-ideas @heavenlygreens

Artificial grass landscaping ideas are as limitless as a homeowner's imagination. Many people think that artificial grass is only for lawns. That is not necessarily true. Artificial turf is an ideal alternative to natural grass lawns, especially in areas where drought conditions are prevalent. It can also be used to landscape small areas or create accents in areas where other materials are prevalent. Depending on the type of atmosphere you are trying to create, artificial grass landscaping can add just what you need.

Ideal for Small Areas

When landscaping small areas, any number of materials can be used as a base. Artificial turf, pea gravel, wood chips, pavers and various types of flowering ground cover can be used to create the backdrop for a variety of different decorative objects, flowering plants and foliage. Artificial turf landscaping ideas are perfect for apartments or lofts in which there is little or no room for live foliage and grass. Artificial grass can be placed over cement to create the look and feel of a small lawn. It can also be used to outline an area on a patio to define boundaries between the landscaped area and the rest of the area. In areas where it is difficult to place stone or any type of loose material, installing small sections of artificial turf can be a very lucrative solution.

Create Pathways

Artificial turf can be used to create pathways through a landscaped area. Because it is easily cut and shaped, it can be made into squares, circles or any other shape that is desired. “Stepping stone” shaped pieces can be cut and placed to create a straight, curved or random pattern. Artificial turf landscaping ideas also include using small pieces of synthetic grass as a pads for tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture or decorations. Not only does artificial turf provide the look of fresh, green grass, it also prevents pieces of furniture and other decorations from sliding or slipping from where they are placed.

Use Artificial Turf As A Covering

Artificial turf is easily cut and shaped to fit almost any size or object. It can be used to create seat pads for chairs, create wraps for potted plants or covers for benches and small tables. It can even be used to cover the sides of small retaining or border walls. Using artificial turf to cover walls and partitions eliminates the need for painting or cleaning on a regular basis. When used as a covering, artificial turf provides a unique experience. While it may not work well on a surface used to set drinks or plates of food, it is ideal for objects like plant pots because it allows them to blend naturally into their surroundings. It requires little to no maintenance or cleaning and will withstand extreme weather conditions and climate changes.

Individuals who want to create a unique atmosphere around their home can use artificial grass landscaping ideas and techniques. Different colored sections of synthetic grass can be used to create game boards, variegated pathways and other unique items. Artificial turf can be used in much the same way as short-pile carpeting. It can be used as small rugs or mats to clean shoes, as well as for decorative purposes.

Individuals who live in areas where drought conditions are prevalent can use artificial turf in place of flowering forms of ground cover. Phlox and various kinds of ivy or climbing plants can require large amounts of water. Instead of using a ground cover, artificial grass landscaping materials serves the same purpose without the need for excessive amounts of water or care. It provides a lush, green covering that retains its beautiful look all year long.

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