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Artificial Turf Articles

Natural Remedies for Killing Weeds in Your Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 September

We all marvel at the resiliency of nature. Seeing that once scraggly Monterey pine grow tall and stout, or a sunflower sprout up improbably in an alleyway can’t help but bring joy.

 Unfortunately, Mother Nature also produces some pests that are especially resilient, including weeds – an unwelcome guest taking up space in and around your landscaping. Weeds, once settled in, are hard to remove.

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Topics: artificial grass, weeds, Artificial Turf Grass, Weed Killers, Home Lawn, Artificial lawn

9 Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween Party on Your Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 September

Whether you’re trying for tasteful, or your goal is maximum ghoulishness, Halloween is one of those times when you can go all out to plan a fun and memorable party. Even though summer has said sayonara, the weather may still be warm enough to use the artificial grass in your backyard as Party Central. It’s looking lush and inviting (as always), and it’s party-hearty.

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Topics: artificial grass, Holiday, Home Lawn, Artificial lawn, Entertaining

I Like My Lawn. Why Should I Replace It with Artificial Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 13 September

Artificial grass is not for everyone. So maybe you should not even consider replacing your natural grass with artificial turf. After all, if you like your lawn just the way it is, that’s great. But what is it, exactly, you like about your lawn?

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Topics: Artificial Grass Benefits, artificial grass, Home Lawn, Artificial lawn

How to Fire-Proof Your Yards

Posted by Troy Scott on 12 September

Unless you replace your entire yard with concrete, or rocks, it will never be fire-proof. Thankfully, however, there are steps you can take to make your yard far more fire-resistant than it probably is right now. And you can do that without sacrificing even one degree of beauty or functionality.

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Topics: environmental benefits, Artificial Turf Grass, Home Lawn, Drought, lawn care

9 Reasons Why Artificial Grass May Not Be Right For You

Posted by Troy Scott on 02 September

Here at Heavenly Greens we talk a lot about how great artificial grass is. But, truth be told, all that talk doesn’t mean that artificial grass is the right choice for you. Here are 9 reasons why you should think twice about installing fake grass:

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Topics: Artificial Grass Benefits, artificial grass, Home Lawn, Artificial lawn

How Durable and Attractive Is Modern Synthetic Grass Compared To Real Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 August


Don’t you just love the sight of lush, green grass? Nothing compares to a gorgeous lawn, so let’s look at how two local homeowners approached their desire for a luxurious lawn.  

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Home Lawn

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