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When is the Best Time to Install Artificial Grass?

anytime is the right time to install artificial grass

One of the questions we often get from property owners who are considering artificial grass is about timing. Is there a “best” time to install synthetic turf? We understand the question – after all, anyone who has to deal with natural grass knows that every season presents different challenges. With artificial grass, though, you can look beyond the limits of seasonality.

Here are some examples of the best time to install artificial grass.

When you’re building a new home

Artificial grass provides the perfect opportunity to get it right the first time. When you choose synthetic turf as your first grass, you can enjoy all of its benefits even before you move in:

  • You can design your landscaping any way you like, without dodging concerns and limitations of natural grass. Artificial grass takes any shape, size, and changing terrain in stride (with an extra nod to our Heavenly Greens professional installation crew!).
  • You can save big money by skipping the sprinkler system you’d need for natural grass, and look forward to spending virtually nothing on water for your lawn. (When we say artificial grass pays for itself, we aren’t kidding.)
  • Your lawn will look as gorgeous as your new home, right from the start.
  • And you won’t have to worry about replacing it for another 10 or 20 years. In that time, you’ll have to repaint your new house multiple times.

When you’ve finally had it with your ratty-looking lawn

All you want is a pretty, uniformly green, lush lawn to augment your landscaping and outdoor living. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but everyone is out to get you. Weather takes its toll, whether it’s hot and dry, wet, or unusually cold. Insects move in and multiply, biting and stinging you or munching on your grass. Mold and mildew form up in damp, shady spots. And, let’s be honest here, your dog isn’t doing your lawn any favors, either.

It’s time to admit that your natural grass lawn is aesthetically hopeless.

When you’ve finally had it with lawn maintenance

In your quest to transform your lawn from hopeless to gorgeous, you have invested years of work and a stunning sum of money on lawn maintenance chores. Watering, mowing, trimming, fertilizing, fending off bugs and disease. It is endless and frustrating, to say the least. Surely you’d rather be doing something else? Imagine the thrill of saying yes when your golf or fishing or shopping buddies call you to join them! Make it your treat, with the money you save switching to artificial grass.

When your toddler is ready for her own backyard play space

How fun! It’s time to construct (or buy) a play structure in back for your little girl and her friends. But safety comes first, and with our Heavenly Greens FallSoft technology, the artificial grass you install under her play structure will protect her from falls up to 5 feet. Who knew artificial grass could bring peace of mind as well as beauty to your yard?

When you’ve decided you really do deserve a backyard putting green

A putting green adds unique visual appeal to your landscaping, and it is entirely practical, too. Serious golfer or casual player, you can save money and time practicing your short game at home. Into bocce instead? We have an artificial grass that’s ideal for that, too.

So when is the best time to install artificial grass? Now!

Fake grass doesn’t grow, so it’s equally happy to join your landscape in any season. And since we can give you a professionally just-right installation any time of year, there is no reason not to call right now. Time’s a wastin', as they say.


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