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The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Children’s Play Areas

little girl swinging on swing in childrens play area and benefits of artificial grass

Wherever your children play – in the backyard, on the school yard, or on a sports field – you want them to be safe as they have fun. More and more municipalities and parents are switching to artificial grass for safety reasons as well as all the other benefits fake grass can provide. Compared to other options, synthetic playground turf is simply the best choice.

Safety first

New statistics from the National Safety Council reveal that “nearly 80% of playground injuries are caused by falls.” Kids fall from swings, slides, climbers, and overhead ladders climbing devices. Every parent knows accidents like this can happen at home as well as when kids are playing at school or at the park.

The problem, however, isn’t necessarily faulty equipment, it’s the surface kids land on. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says improper protective surfaces are among the most problematic playground hazards. For safety, they recommend surfaces “be made of wood chips, mulch, wood fibers, sand, pea gravel, shredded tires or rubber mats and should be at least 12 inches deep.”

You can do better. Artificial grass installed with our shock-absorbent FallSoft technology protects kids from falls as high as 5 feet. Wouldn’t you rather your kid landed on soft, fluffy fake grass instead of pea gravel or wood chips? Aside from fall-related injuries, skinned knees and splinters are no fun, either.

Artificial grass is prettier

Any way you look at it, grass looks better than gravel, wood chips, or whatever. It’s always green and inviting, tempting kids to play longer and giving a lift to your overall landscaping vista. You can customize size and configuration any way you like, confident the fake grass will always stay in place. Loose materials such as sand, gravel, mulch, etc. shift out of place as kids play. That means you have to regularly rake up that errant material and put it back. Or buy more to maintain proper depth.

Artificial grass is cleaner

No kid every got grass stains on their clothes from playing on artificial turf. The specially-designed backing keeps out weeds but enables moisture to drain away quickly – much faster than natural grass – without creating soggy or muddy areas. A cleaner play surface means cleaner kids and a cleaner house, too. Whereas other recommended surface materials virtually guarantee mess, artificial grass means no mud, grass clippings, bark mulch, or every mom’s favorite – sand – tracked indoors on little kid feet. Or the dog’s big, hairy paws.

Artificial grass is healthier

Heavenly Greens top-quality products are non-toxic and allergen-free. Fake grass produces no pollen to trigger allergies, and there’s never a worry about chemical residues from lawn care products.

Artificial grass is tougher than your kids and all their friends

Rough-and-tumble play won’t make a mess of the play space, and it won’t wreck the grass itself, either. That grassy surface will be looking good and going strong long after your little ones have outgrown their play equipment. (Now, aren’t you doubly glad you chose a surface material that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your lawn and landscaping? You can easily jettison the swing set and recapture that space for adult activities.)

But, for now, it’s all about the kids. You put a lot of time and research into choosing the best play structure for them. Why wouldn’t you want the best possible surface underneath that playset? By choosing artificial grass, you’re making a safe and healthy decision for the kids and a smart investment for your home.

benefits of artificial turf

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