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Skip the Mess in Children’s Play Areas with Synthetic Grass

little girl tumbling on the playground without getting dirty because of artificial grassChildren have a knack for attracting scraped-up elbows, grass-stained knees and dirt all over themselves when they’re playing in the yard. From swing sets to forts to monkey bars to slides – not to mention climbing trees – they’re sure to get at least a little dirty if they’re having a good time outside. As parents, we get it. After all, we were all kids ourselves at one time.

But when dirt, mud, grass clippings, and who-knows-what-else get tracked into the house, it’s more than frustrating. What a mess! All that stuff sticks to the kids. Their clothes. Their shoes. It’s in their hair. When they come in from their outdoor adventures, all manner of debris comes in with them. And it winds up all over the floor, the carpeting, the furniture. The dog’s in on the deal, too.

It feels endless, no matter the season.

You need artificial grass!

With artificial grass you can stop dreaming of a cleaner house (and cleaner kids), and start enjoying the reality of mess-free play areas. Replacing your front and/or backyard lawn with synthetic grass is a smart investment in kid cleanliness. There’s nothing to mow, so you’ll never have clippings. You’ll never have bare spots that turn to mud, either.

Instead of nagging your kids about tracking a mess indoors, you’ll be encouraging them to play more outdoors. You’ll be able to get out there and enjoy the grass with them, too, because you can say farewell to all that lawn maintenance work. Plus, you’ll finally have a lawn that makes your entire property look cleaner and prettier than your natural grass ever did.

But don’t stop there. Here at Heavenly Greens, we have artificial grass that’s specifically designed for use under children’s play structures. It’s great if your kids have a jungle gym or swingset, but the barkdust or whatever you now use on the ground is only adding to the mess that gets tracked into your house. Artificial grass is not only clean, with our FallSoft installation system, it’s safer that other materials (including natural grass), should your kid take a spill.

Even the dog

Did you know there is artificial turf specially designed to meet your dog’s high standards? He appreciates having something reliably soft and fluffy underfoot as much as you and the kids do. He wants a pleasant place to go potty that won’t become unpleasant later on. And, as much as he grumbles about getting a bath, he really doesn’t like being muddy or having to scratch and chew to get debris out of his fur.

Artificial grass gets the Official Paw Print of Approval from pets everywhere.

Ready to skip the mess?

We thought so. Artificial grass eliminates all the dirt and mud that comes with natural grass without sacrificing the look and feel of the real thing. With Heavenly Greens, you can rest assured that your child will stay clean while having fun outside in the best artificial lawn possible.

You can trust our products to give you the best return on your investment, too. We carry only superior quality synthetic turf products, and we use our own experienced crews to ensure you get top-of-the-line professional installation. Finally, grass that is:

  • Clean
  • Soft
  • Low maintenance
  • Fun for kids and pets
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • And, yes, affordable

Call the staff at Heavenly Greens today at 888-254-5503 or click to receive a free quote fast, so your kids can get out there and go after it while you rest easy, knowing they’ll stay nice and clean.

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