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Troy Scott

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Why Artificial Turf Around the Pool Is Better than Real Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 June

Artificial Turf Around the Pool: The Crystal-Clear Choice for Swimming Areas

Summer is continuing to heat up and it’s the perfect opportunity to revamp your swimming pool for the season. The usual pool check includes cleaning up the water, filter systems and plugs. Once you’ve checked these off, it’s time to pay attention to the material surrounding the area. Is it safe and beautiful enough for the endless fun to come? If you still have natural grass, the answer is probably no. Here’s why you should consider artificial turf around your pool area, courtesy of Heavenly Greens!

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Topics: Backyard Fun

Benefits of the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs for Pet Owners

Posted by Troy Scott on 11 May

Why the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs is Fantastic for Pet Owners Too (+ Fun Dog Run Ideas!)

If you think having a dog is easy, just ask dog owners who also have a natural lawn. Get ready to hear horror stories about their dog and real grass! Think holes all over the yard, never-ending mud, dead grass due to pet urine and so much more.

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Safety Features of Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces

Posted by Troy Scott on 20 April

Is Artificial Grass for Playground Surfaces Safe for Kids and Pets?

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Topics: Playgrounds

The Best Artificial Grass Landscaping Options To Improve Home Value

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 March

5 Outdoor Options to Improve Your Home’s Value with the Best Artificial Grass

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Topics: landscaping solutions

Achieve These Beautiful Pool Styles with Outdoor Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 February

4 Gorgeous Pool Designs to Try with Outdoor Artificial Grass

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Topics: artificial turf lawns, less-mud

Playground Landscaping Ideas with the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 January

Elegant Playground Designs Using the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose

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Topics: Backyard Fun

Hidden Pet Hazards Eliminated by Top-Quality Artificial Grass for Dogs

Posted by Troy Scott on 20 November

A grass-covered backyard is one of the best amenities you can give your dogs. However, think twice about giving your canines free rein over your lawn. Natural grass tends to hide many dangers to pets, some of which can warrant a trip to the vet. Eliminate most of such hazards when you cover your grounds with artificial grass for dogs.

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Topics: grass for pets, pet grass

Does Your Lawn Look Sick? Maybe It Is

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 March

Natural grass is susceptible to all sorts of diseases and other issues that can turn your lawn from a lovely landscaping element into an unsightly and frustrating challenge. Not every disease affects every type of grass, and some diseases are less likely to be a problem here in northern California. Nonetheless the list of things that can sicken your lawn is pretty long. [Sigh.]

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Topics: health, Chemical Treatments, maintenance, Natural Lawn, pests, natural grass problems

What Should I Do if My Artificial Grass is Old

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 February

You’ve loved your artificial turf lawn for years, but nothing lives forever, not even fake grass. It can last 10-15 years or more, but eventually even time can take its toll:

  • Infinitesimal fading finally becomes noticeable
  • Seams begin to fray and separate
  • Mold or smelly bacteria have built up, especially in pet-popular spots
  • Highest traffic areas look tired and don’t rebound as well with brushing
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Topics: artificial grass, artificial turf installation, install grass, Beautiful Lawns, Artificial lawn

What To Do If a Skunk Sprays Your Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 25 February

Skunks. Cute little things, but they are the last guests you want to entertain on your artificial turf! If something startles or annoys them – your kids, your dog, or something else – their natural response is to spray. They can launch that infamous spray as far as 10 feet, and as we all know the smell is beyond awful. What if it gets on your artificial turf? Is your lawn doomed to stink forever?

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Topics: artificial grass, Chemical Treatments, grass for pets, maintenance, pests

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