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Troy Scott

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Artificial Grass for Pets: Solution to Brown and Dead Spots in the Yard

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 January

Get Rid of Brown, Dead and Yellow Patches with Artificial Grass for Pets and Lawns

Brown, yellow and bare patches on natural lawns is a common sight in California. So common, in fact, that most homeowners give up and accept it as an inevitable part of having grass in the yard.

However, the solution is quite simple - get rid of the grass. Or more specifically, replace all that wilted and dead grass with artificial grass for pets and backyards.

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Topics: grass for pets, dogs

Raising Residential Playground Safety with Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 30 December

Artificial Grass as Safety Surfacing for Your Residential Playground

No matter how much you try to protect kids on a residential playground, they will fall. That's part of playing and growing up. And as long as they're supervised, falls are generally nothing more than a rite of passage.

But what about when kids fall and there is no adult around to catch them? Are you sure they’re safe on your existing lawn?

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Topics: Playgrounds

Outdoor Artificial Grass: Tips for Cleaning Stains and Spills

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 November

How to Clean Common Spills and Stains Off Outdoor Artificial Grass

More homeowners are flocking to outdoor artificial grass because it barely needs any maintenance versus natural grass.

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Topics: artificial residential turf, lawn care

11 Coolest Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass Around the Pool

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 October

11 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Around Pool Areas is a Terrific Investment

A crystal-clear pool surrounded by green grass is undeniably beautiful, but it's also a problematic combo. This is why more and more homeowners choose to install artificial grass around their pool areas.

To put it bluntly, natural grass and moisture don't mix. For instance, grass clippings and other organic debris can wreak havoc on your pool's filtration system. Plus, the grass itself can hold dirt, bacteria, pollen and other allergens that get stirred up with pool use.

Artificial turf makes perfect sense in this situation, especially when it comes to residential pools. Check out these benefits:

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Topics: Backyard Fun, water usage

15 FAQs and Answers About Outdoor Turf for Dogs

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 September

Outdoor Turf for Dogs: Top 15 FAQs for Pet Owners

Dogs are family and naturally, we want only the best for them. That includes the surfaces they play on. Unfortunately, not every surface is conducive to your dog’s health and well-being. Real grass, for instance, harbors insects, toxins, pollen, poisonous weeds and other elements that can be harmful to your dog.

For that reason, many dog owners are more than happy to replace real grass with outdoor turf for dogs.

Interested in making the same investment for your furry friend? We understand that you want to make sure you're making the best decision for your dog. That's why we've gathered some of the most common questions we get about pet turf and answered them in detail below!

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Topics: Backyard Fun, pet grass

Playground Turf: Why Parents Love Synthetic Grass for Kids’ Play Areas

Posted by Troy Scott on 11 August

What Makes Playground Turf a Good Choice for Children’s Play Areas?

A playground is a place of fun and imagination for children, but what if you live in an area without a local park? Or what if your child's school doesn't have one at all? Worse, what if you do have a backyard, but since it’s made of natural grass, trouble always follows playtime— think muddy feet, scraped knees and damaged grass. If any of these sounds familiar, you may be interested in what Heavenly Greens playground turf has to offer.

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Topics: Playgrounds

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