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Troy Scott

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Planning Graduation Parties on Your Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 May


Graduations are such wonderful milestones to celebrate. Whether your loved one is graduating from kindergarten or college, saluting their accomplishment with a party is a must! And nothing says party like gathering in the backyard for a day (or an evening) of fun with family and friends. Thanks to your artificial grass, there will be plenty of room for folks to spread out and enjoy the festivities.





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Topics: artificial grass, Beautiful Lawn, Creative Applications, Artificial lawn, Entertaining

4 Myths About Artificial Turf and The Environment

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 May


Nothing is more frustrating to those of us in the artificial grass industry than the myths about artificial turf that persist in spite of a multitude of scientific studies and other evidence. When it comes to artificial grass and the environment, the facts show that fake grass is actually more eco-friendly than natural grass, in multiple ways.

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Topics: artificial grass, Environmentally Friendly, environmental benefits, Artificial Turf Grass, Artificial lawn

Planning an Outdoor Mother's Day Event

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 May


OOPS. Did you forget that you’re hosting your extended family’s Mother’s Day celebration this year? Relax. The party may be just days away, but you’ve got this! Your backyard is the perfect location for this event, and it’s already looking its spring best. Thank heavens you switched to artificial grass lawn in the backyard as well as in the front yard.

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Topics: artificial grass, Beautiful Lawn, Creative Applications, Artificial lawn

10 Design Tips for Working with Concrete and Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 06 May


Have you checked out concrete lately? It’s a far cry from that boring, ugly, cracked square your grandparents (maybe even your parents) had in their backyard! Concrete went out of style for good reasons. But it’s back, in a big way, because there’s nothing boring or ugly about today’s concrete. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your artificial turf.

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Topics: Unique Artificial Turf Design and Uses, artificial grass, Landscaping Issues, Creative Applications

Inspired by the Superbloom? What You Can Do in Your Backyard

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 May


The next time you hear the phrase “drought tolerant plants” and think of a dusty desert landscape, remember this spring’s superbloom.

Wildflowers are native plants, so they are perfectly adapted to their habitat. They can get by just fine, and reproduce as often as necessary to keep their particular flower species going, even when normal conditions are “adverse.” That’s just the way it is. But that doesn’t mean wildflowers don’t appreciate a little help now and then. So when Mother Nature delivers an unexpected rainfall, all those seeds just waiting beneath the surface zip into action.

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Topics: Artificial Turf Lawn, Artificial Turf Grass, Eco-Friendly, Gardening

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

Posted by Troy Scott on 01 May


Getting your yard ready for spring is a matter of priorities. For example, Sears published a blog article explaining how to prepare your lawn and yard for spring. Among their advice? “Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer.” And, our favorite, “Mow early, mow often.” Are they kidding? Chemicals, chemicals, and more chemicals. Mowing, mowing, and even more mowing. Kinda makes you wish winter would stick around.

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Topics: Artificial Turf Lawn, Artificial Turf Grass, Beautiful Lawn, maintenance

Time For Your Annual Artificial Grass Check-up

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 April


An annual check-up is a good thing. Most of us take ourselves and our kids off to the doctor for a check-up once a year, and we take our pet to the vet. We do an annual spring cleaning, to spruce up our home. It’s a form of preventive maintenance. So it makes perfect sense to perform an annual check-up around your home’s exterior and yard, including your artificial grass.

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Topics: Artificial Turf Lawn, Artificial Turf Grass, Beautiful Lawn, maintenance

Strategies to Tackle Your Overgrown Garden

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 April


You just bought the home of your dreams. But the yard? Not so dreamy. In fact, it’s a mess – so overgrown it’s hard to know what to tackle first. Take heart, you’ve got this! It’ll be a lot of work, but the results will be well worth the effort. Just take things one step at a time.

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Topics: weeds, Artificial Turf Lawn, Beautiful Lawn, green lawn, Gardening

Easter Games You Can Play On Your Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 April

If you’re hosting Easter festivities at your house this year, you’d better get busy! Whether Easter is a religious observation for your family or it’s simply a celebration of spring’s welcome return, it is the perfect time to get family and friends together. Everyone is undoubtedly salivating, thinking of the delicious dinner you’ll be serving. But they are also looking forward to pre-dinner games outdoors.

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Most Common Ways People Damage Artificial Turf And How To Avoid Them

Posted by Troy Scott on 05 April


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