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Celebrate Thanksgiving Outside On Your Artificial Turf



Grilled food simply tastes better, doesn’t it? That goes for your Thanksgiving turkey, too. If you’ve never tried barbecuing a turkey, hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration on your artificial turf is the perfect opportunity. You may never go back to oven-roasting again.

Moving the tradition outdoors

You can use a charcoal or gas grill to BBQ your turkey. Frankly, the charcoal method is a LOT of work because you have to keep adding charcoal and it’s hard to maintain a consistent temperature. So let’s assume you’ll be cooking with gas. The folks at Weber know a few things about barbecuing, so they’re a great resource for your turkey project. You can bake the dressing separately, or you can stuff your turkey before grilling.

If you’ve invested in an outdoor kitchen as well as artificial grass to upgrade your home, consider doing all the cooking outdoors. One of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner is the exquisite anticipation that comes from smelling all those marvelous aromas as everything cooks. If you bake side dishes outdoors, you and your guests won’t miss out on that multi-sensory benefit.

You don’t have to do all the prep work. Make this year’s get-together a potluck. You take charge of the turkey and set-up, and assign guests to bring all the side dishes, desserts, even the wine. (Be specific, to ensure a deliciously complementary menu.)

Either way, if you’re doing any of the baking/reheating indoors, be sure to include chafing dishes on a side table for self-service and to keep food hot for seconds. And carve the turkey at the table, last-minute, so it’s piping hot and fragrant as it’s served. 

Give thanks for your artificial turf!

Anything you can do indoors, you can do outside (weather permitting, of course). You can set up your dinner table and chairs on your artificial grass and turn Thanksgiving into a true lawn party. Or you could leave the lawn free for some late fall fun and games that’ll keep the kids occupied, and arrange your dining set-up on the patio or deck.

Bring the TV out, for those who want to watch football rather than joining the game on your artificial grass. And for those who’d rather sit and chat while waiting for the bird to do his thing, play some word games. Who can think up the best seasonal pun?

Just remember to let your guests know ahead of time that they’ll be outside, so they can dress appropriately. It’s also nice to have a supply on hand of extra blankets or comforters and warm slippers indoor-outdoor slippers for your guests. If the weather’s too unfriendly, just move your feast indoors. It’s a day to celebrate friends and family, so be flexible. 

Keep it simple and seasonal

Taking advantage of seasonal bounty makes it easy to plan your tablescape and decorations. You’ll be relaxed come Turkey Day, so you can enjoy your guests. Use cored apples as candle holders and hollowed pumpkins as vases. Intersperse them with mini-pumpkins, gourds, and pomegranates for a festive centerpiece. Use those herb containers you planted for summer to add color around your artificial grass.  

Spills? No worries

Any time you’re barbecuing in the backyard, safety is important. It’s unlikely you’ll have any problems in that regard, but chances are good there will be spills, especially if the guest list includes kids. Anything your dog fails to snag can be easily cleaned up afterward by wiping off your artificial grass with a cloth and then giving it a rinse with some water.

And you needn’t worry about flattening your grass with all that celebrating. A brush with the broom at the end of the day will have your artificial turf looking fluffy as ever.

Happy Holidays! 


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