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What is Pet Friendly Artificial Grass?


Pet Friendly Artificial Grass  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/what-is-pet-friendly-artificial-grass @heavenlygreensPet friendly artificial grass is the nickname given to the type of artificial turf that is often used in kennels and dog runs. It has a medium pile length of approximately two inches and looks and feels similar to that of natural grass. Manufacturers often recommend a sand or sand/mix infill to secure the blades and protect the delicate mesh, base fabric. Over time, a portion of the sand infill may be lost due to wind, digging or general wear and tear. Replacement infill may need to be added.

Similar to Natural Grass

One of the main reasons pet friendly artificial grass is chosen for kennels and dog runs is that it is so similar to natural grass that the animals may never know the difference. A dog can run, play, roll, sleep and relax on the turf without the slightest inkling that it isn't the real thing. What they can't do, however, is wreak havoc like they do in a lawn that has grass and sod. The construction of the artificial turf itself, makes it almost impossible for the dog to dig, chew or tear through the turf causing holes and bare spots.

Resists Odors

Artificial turf is also designed and manufactured to resist odors. Most contain bacterial agents that destroy bacteria and reduce the spread of other harmful microbes that are often accompanied by odors. In a dog run, kennel or other area designed for pets, the mesh backing of the pet friendly artificial grass allows urine and other liquids to leach through and be drained away. While it is still necessary to remove any solid forms of waste, a simple rinsing with a garden hose will wash away any urine or fluid residue that can remain behind and cause odors. Gently fluffing or raking the sand infill will also help the fluids to drain away much easier and will prevent it from becoming hard and compacted.

Extremely Durable

Pet friendly artificial grass is manufactured using extremely durable materials.Polypropylene, nylon and other synthetic materials are combined to create an extremely durable fabric that resists tears, won't fray, won't lose color and can withstand even the harshest of outdoor elements. Dogs can claw, bite, dig, chew and tug on the blades and mesh without causing any noticeable damage. The fabric is designed to withstand up to two decades or longer of being exposed to the harshest elements and incredible amounts of foot traffic.

Will Not Stain or Discolor Over Time

One of the biggest advantages of artificial grass is that it will not discolor, stain or fade over time. Unlike natural grass that turns brown or yellow after being exposed to certain elements, pet friendly artificial grass will hold its color for years to come. A natural grass lawn also tends to lose its color in areas where pets frequently do their business. With artificial grass, the minerals and other components in pet waste that can literally destroy natural grass have no long lasting effects. A simple rinsing once or twice a week will reduce odors and prevent any residue from building up.

Pet friendly artificial grass is ideal for dog runs, kennels and recreational areas designed for pets. Its durability and resistance to stains and odors will keep the area looking natural, clean and well maintained. Both dogs and cats can enjoy the time they spend outside and you won't have to worry about large holes being dug or bare spots in the lawn where they use the bathroom. For a small investment, your pet can have a natural paradise to play in and you can have the peace of mine knowing they are safe and well cared for.

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