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Time To Prep Your Home Putting Green


your home putting green prepped and readySpring is the season of renewal. It’s the time when we give our home and our yard a thorough spiffing-up. If you have a home putting green, it definitely needs your attention, too. Especially if it’s natural grass.

 A natural grass putting green requires all the maintenance supplies and work of a lawn – and then some. Putting green turf has to be perfect and perfectly consistent. It’s needy, and it’s picky. So get busy and start prepping. You’ll need to:

  • Fertilize. You can do it less often than you would fertilize your lawn, but you have to use a more expensive product. And you have to dole it out bit by bit, every couple of weeks. You’ll have to do a soil test to make sure you’re using the proper fertilizer.
  • Apply fungicide and/or pesticide, if your grass is having issues with diseases or pests.
  • Trim growing trees or shrubs that create shade or obstruct air circulation. You could be in for perennial problems, if your natural putting green doesn’t get at least six hours of full sun every day. Shade stunts growth and encourages dampness and disease.
  • Aerate and add top-dressing, to help reduce thatch and maintain the surface.
  • Natural putting green grass requires frequent watering, but you have to make sure it dries quickly, too.
  • Golf courses mow every day.

Note that these tasks are not restricted to a spring tune-up regimen, they are ongoing.


Reality check: This is nuts!

All that work cannot possibly be considered “prepping” your natural golf green – it’s a maintenance career. When will you ever have time to actually use your putting green for its intended purpose? There are many benefits to installing a backyard putting green, but an installation that uses artificial turf makes so much more sense.


The whole point of installing an artificial grass home putting green is that you do not have to spend your days maintaining the green. You can devote that time to honing your skills. Or teaching your kids how to hold a putter and how to “eye” a chip shot.


Whether you’re an avid golfer or you’re a little more laid back about the game and want to make it a family-friendly area, Heavenly Greens has an artificial putting green turf and installation system that’s perfect for you. Then, each spring, you can focus on the fun prep stuff:

  • Setting out your flag(s) or getting a new one
  • Clearing and raking your sand trap(s)
  • Rolling the green for faster, truer ball roll. (No roller? Better get one.)
  • Creating a custom sign for the tee box that says “Ralph’s Hole in One”
  • Adding a bench nearby for those waiting their turn – or for when you want to simply sit and admire your gorgeous, personalized creation
  • Adding some pretty potted flowers for extra color
  • Install a ball washer – you won’t need it because artificial turf doesn’t create grass stains or mud, but it will look professionally cool

Artificial turf for putting greens is neither needy nor picky. It grows beautifully in any location. You can design your green to fit any size or shape yard and any terrain. For that matter, you can create “terrain” to add interest and challenge. Or add fringe, an apron, whatever fits your dream.


Then, spring prep time will be a breeze and you can get down to the real business at hand. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at that new putter you’ve been reading about.


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