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Why You Should Consider Artificial Dog Grass


Why You Should Consider Artificial Dog Grass http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-consider-artificial-dog-grass @heavenlygreensHomeowners are beginning to look at artificial dog grass to save their lawns. Not only does severe drought conditions have a dramatic impact on a natural grass lawn, but pets can also cause substantial amounts of damage. The key is converting their natural grass lawn to artificial turf and creating a pet area that is surfaced with artificial dog grass. The results are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Looks and Feels Like the Real Thing

Dogs love the feel of natural grass. Artificial dog grass is designed and manufactured to be as close to the real thing as possible. For homeowners, the artificial grass looks so much like the real thing, others may not know the difference. Its appearance gives visitors the impression that the lawn is immaculate and well kept at all times. All the dogs really care about is that they can roll around, play and have as much fun as possible with their humans.

Easy to Clean

Artificial grass is extremely easy to clean. Once large pieces of debris like tree limbs and twigs have been removed, a leaf blower or vacuum can be used to pick up smaller items like leaves and bits of brush. Make sure the blower or vacuum is set to a speed that will not disrupt or shift the infill used to stabilize the turf. If you prefer to do the work manually, a soft-tined rake can also be used. A rake is ideal for fluffing the grass blades and redistributing infill that has become compacted due to excessive amounts of foot traffic.

Extremely Durable

Artificial turf is designed to be extremely durable. Its intricately woven mesh fabric backing is manufactured to withstand almost any type of damage. It is almost impossible for dogs to dig through and will resist scratching and their attempts to chew through it. The polyester and nylong fabric is resistant to tearing, ripping, wearing along the edges, fading or becoming discolored. It can be used in dog runs and recreational areas where pets and children spend the majority of their time. Even with excessive amounts of foot traffic, artificial turf will not break down or be damaged. The quality of the fabric used in its construction will determine how long it will remain in place without beginning to show signs of eventual wear and tear, but most are rated for between 15 and 20 years with general use.

Low Maintenance

Everyone knows that artificial turf is extremely low maintenance. This is exceptionally convenient when you are planning on using it in a dog run or enclosed recreational area. With no maintenance, you don't have to worry about trying to get a lawnmower through a small gate or trimming around poles and other obstacles. The area will always be free of toxic chemicals because there is no need for harsh fertilizers or weed killers. For enclosed pet areas, the only real maintenance that is ever needed is removing pet waste on a daily basis. Combined with a light rinsing every few days to remove any residue left behind from urine or feces, the turf can be kept clean and virtually odor free.

When a homeowner is choosing what type of surface they want for a dog run or recreational area, they usually consider convenience, affordability and durability as the main factors that influence their decision. They want something that is cost effective, requires little to no care and is durable enough to withstand the antics of their pets and children. Artificial dog grass meets and exceeds all of those needs and it looks great all year round. It is also a great choice in areas where water conservation is a must and homeowners are expected to keep their properties looking pristine throughout the year.

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