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Artificial Turf Articles

Cooking Safely Around Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 20 February


Whether you have a large built in grill/barbecue or a small hibachi, cooking outside can be the highlight of the day, as well as producing some incredibly delicious meals. Just because you install artificial turf in the back lawn or in landscaped areas of your home, it doesn't mean you have to stop grilling your favorite foods. A few precautions will allow you to tailgate or picnic to your heart's desire without fear of damaging your turf.

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Alternative Uses For Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 17 February

Many Americans are turning to artificial grass to improve the beauty of their homes and businesses. According to Houselogic, synthetic grass used in landscaping and recreational areas is increasing by as much as 15% annually. What makes artificial grass perfect for so many purposes?

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Topics: Unique Artificial Turf Design and Uses, artificial grass

Incorporating a Garden Within Your Artificial Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 February


For many people gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. It’s no wonder that each year consumers spend a fortune on beautifying their homes and businesses using flower, herb, and vegetable gardens. From serene country settings to apartment high rises, anyone can create an outdoor garden that provides more oxygen, shade, and a source of food and beauty. The National Gardening Center indicates that spending is up by gardening consumers, and a growing number are in the Millennial age group. But many of these gardening enthusiasts are also finding ways to bring the modern into traditional techniques to improve the convenience of this pastime.

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Topics: Artificial Turf Lawn, Beautiful Lawn

20 Tips For Saving Money And Going Green

Posted by Troy Scott on 13 February


In order to protect the earth and maintain precious resources for future generations, everyone needs to do their part. Going green is increasing in scope, from the choices we make in household products and design to the types of vehicles we drive and careers we take. According to Advertising Age, nearly $40 billion is spent on environmentally friendly products and services annually. This includes eco-friendly home products like artificial turf, recycled building materials, and solar energy systems.

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Topics: Environmentally Friendly, Eco-Friendly

California Update: Does All This Rain Mean The Drought Is Over?

Posted by Troy Scott on 09 February


The winter of 2016-17 has been a wet one for most of California. As of last fall, Northern California was looking forward to a bleak realization that their water supply was dwindling faster than expected. For now, the danger has subsided – at least for the time being. The rain and snow that has pelted the Sierra Nevadas, as well as the rest of the northern half of the state, has brought much needed moisture that is rapidly filling the recently empty aquifers, lakes, and reservoirs. While the projection for rain over the next few months to a year look good, professional meteorologists and environmentalist are warning people to not get overly excited.

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Topics: Water Conservation, Drought

3 Unique Ways To Designing Your Yard With Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 February


Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning to enjoy your favorite beverage outside in your own lush backyard. Now see yourself relaxing and enjoying time with the family without worrying about pests, mowing, or constant watering. Sound too much like a fantasy? Actually, this could become your reality with artificial turf, which isn't just for sports fields anymore. In fact, more and more homeowners are opting to have artificial grass installed when designing their lawns.

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Topics: Unique Artificial Turf Design and Uses, Beautiful Lawns

Will Artificial Grass Survive Extreme Rain?

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 February


The materials used to manufacture artificial turf are water resistant, even when exposed to large amounts of water. Artificial turf can even withstand being submerged for long periods of time without being damaged. The nylon/polyurethane material is resistant to moisture from almost any source. When it comes to extreme rainfall, the two main concerns for artificial turf are the type of infill that was used and the efficiency of the drainage system used by the manufacturer.

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Is Artificial Turf Lead-Free? A Worry-Free Lawn Solution For Northern California

Posted by Troy Scott on 02 February


As you enjoy time playing in the backyard of your home, have you ever thought about lead as a potential hazard? The dangers of lead toxicity were discovered years ago, yet harmful levels of lead are still found in common household products, from lipstick and paint to pesticides and fuel. Lead exposure can cause serious damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, and small children who are exposed to lead can develop learning disorders. To read more about the harmful effects of lead, visit the Global Healing Center’s website.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Home Lawn

Winterize Your Lawn...Or Not, In Northern California

Posted by Troy Scott on 01 February


You know that grass is high maintenance. Year after year, you resolve to finally “do it right.” You’ll figure out what kind of fertilizer you should get, what the Northern California climate actually means in terms of lawn care, what words like ‘overseeding’, ‘aerating’, and ‘topseeding’ have to do with grass – all so you can have a perfectly green, healthy lawn to enjoy in the spring. Well, what if you can have the lawn of your dreams without all that headache and fuss? Who really wants to worry about ‘winterizing’ their lawn?

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Home Lawn

Why You Should Buy Artificial Turf For Your Dog

Posted by Troy Scott on 26 January


It’s been said that dogs are man’s best friend. If this is the case, then why are so many pooches stuck inside for much of their lives, or corralled in tiny yards? Give your dog the room he deserves to run around and be the great pet he wants to be with artificial turf. This alternative to concrete and dirt can give your yard a new look, while providing adequate space for your dog to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors in a hygienic way.

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