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Artificial Turf Articles

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Turf's Drainage Capabilities?

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 December



One benefit of artificial turf that doesn't get talked about is its amazing drainage capabilities. Most artificial turf designs include an intricate drainage system that gently siphons water away from the surface to be carried away by a complex network of channels. Water from throughout the lawn is drawn into the system and carried to the nearest outlet, be it a sewer drain or other type of drainage system.


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Topics: artificial turf, drainage

10 Drought Tolerant Trees For A California Landscape

Posted by Troy Scott on 06 December


10 Drought Tolerant Trees For A California Landscape http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/10-drought-tolerant-trees-for-a-california-landscape @heavenlygreensTrees can be a beautiful addition to landscaped areas and can be used to provide shade over windows or deck areas. There are many varieties of drought-resistant trees that bloom at various times throughout the year. Drought resistant varieties are ideal for areas where dry conditions are common and water restrictions prevent the use of irrigation and sprinkler systems. A few of the most common varieties include:

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Topics: Drought Tolerant Landscaping, Water Conservation

Artificial Turf And The Fear Of Cancer In Soccer Goalies

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 November


For decades, artificial turf has been used to re-surface playing fields. With little to no maintenance, it saves field and team owners thousands of dollar a day in upkeep. It doesn't show wear and tear and it provides a suitable surface for most types of play. Recently, a large number of soccer players, mostly goalies have been diagnosed with different types of cancer, predominantly of the lung and skin. Many people are suggesting that the increase in cancer cases are directly linked to the time they spent playing on artificial turf.

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Topics: artificial turf, health

How Artificial Grass Is Keeping Everyone More Active & Healthy Year-Round

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 November


Artificial grass makes an ideal ground cover for active families who enjoy spending time outside. It offers several advantages over natural grass when it comes to durability and seasonal play. Outdoor recreational areas or backyards in general, that are covered in artificial turf make an ideal playing field for a variety of sports and recreational activities.

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Topics: artificial turf, health

What Are The Main Problems You Incur By Keeping A Natural Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 November


Many people are choosing to keep their natural grass lawns instead of switching to artificial turf or another type of ground cover. Homeowners often prefer the natural grass to the alternatives simply because they like to do perform the maintenance and enjoy working outside. For some, it is a normal part of home ownership. Those who choose to keep natural grass do face potential problems, however.

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Topics: synthetic turf, artificial turf

Top 6 Favorite Lawn Substitutes

Posted by Troy Scott on 17 November


Homeowners with small or medium lawns who don't want to worry about the constant maintenance of a natural grass lawn have alternatives available to them that are both beautiful and care free. While some ground covers are not meant to have constant foot traffic, they work well as ornamental coverings that will withstand pet activity.

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Topics: artificial turf, Beautiful Lawn

Guide To A Sustainable Landscape Design

Posted by Troy Scott on 16 November


When creating a landscaped area, people tend to go for three things, low maintenance, aesthetic appeal and sustainability. Aesthetics are especially important for people who may be looking to sell their home in the next few years. Low maintenance and sustainability go hand in hand. Most people don't mind spending time working in their yard, but they don't want it to be time drain, taking away from other activities they enjoy. Finding that perfect balance is what makes the right landscape design so ideal.

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Topics: artificial turf, Landscaping

How To Add More Aesthetic Design To Your Artificial Grass Installation

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 November


One of the most unique things about artificial turf is that it can be cut and shaped to accommodate any shape or design. During artificial grass installation, the landscapers can shape, modify and alter existing lawn layouts to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Artificial turf can also be used for other things aside from resurfacing the lawn. It can be effectively used for paths, walkways, recreational areas, pool surrounds and patio surfaces.

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Most Common Ways People Damage Artificial Turf And How To Avoid Them

Posted by Troy Scott on 10 November


Artificial turf is extremely durable and will hold up under a wide variety of circumstances. It can be damaged, however, when exposed to extreme heat, caustic chemicals, sharp objects and other elements that are known to cause damage to plastics and polyethylene materials. For a homeowner, installing artificial turf is a major investment. For the investment to hold value, it is important to protect it from the things that can damage it. While artificial turf is able to withstand high levels of foot traffic and the effects of ultraviolet rays, there are other things that can cause irreparable damage.

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Benefits Of Choosing Artificial Grass Over Other Options Like Mulch Or Rocks

Posted by Troy Scott on 09 November


Knowing what type of material to use when renovating a landscaped area or section of the lawn will be the key in the direction you take when designing the project. When creating a landscaped area, it is important to find a surface material that will not only accentuate the design but also provide a backdrop that is neutral, allowing the components of the area to stand out. If you need a material to simply cover an area, such as a walkway, patio area or a pool surround, choosing a material that is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing is a must. Artificial turf can easily be used and offers both benefits as well as many others.

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