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Artificial Turf Articles

What Company Makes The Most Realistic Artificial Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 August


Just like every other product on the market, there are several different manufacturers of artificial turf. How do you know which one offers the most realistic artificial grass unless you see and feel each one? Many companies make the job of choosing a little easier by offering reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers online for everyone to see. They also disclose what materials and construction methods are used in the construction of their products.

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What is Pet Friendly Artificial Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 August


Pet friendly artificial grass is the nickname given to the type of artificial turf that is often used in kennels and dog runs. It has a medium pile length of approximately two inches and looks and feels similar to that of natural grass. Manufacturers often recommend a sand or sand/mix infill to secure the blades and protect the delicate mesh, base fabric. Over time, a portion of the sand infill may be lost due to wind, digging or general wear and tear. Replacement infill may need to be added.

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Why Astro Turf Filed for Bankruptcy - What's Next?

Posted by Troy Scott on 17 August


Artificial turf has been around for over six decades. It has become a mainstay for recreational parks, playgrounds, school athletic fields, commercial real estate and residential lawns. Its ability to save millions of gallons of water each year in drought stricken areas of the country has made it one of the most lucrative products in this century. So why is the most famous brand of all filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

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Why You Should Consider Artificial Dog Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 16 August


Homeowners are beginning to look at artificial dog grass to save their lawns. Not only does severe drought conditions have a dramatic impact on a natural grass lawn, but pets can also cause substantial amounts of damage. The key is converting their natural grass lawn to artificial turf and creating a pet area that is surfaced with artificial dog grass. The results are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass Tiles

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 August


Artificial grass tiles are ideal for a variety of projects. They do have their drawbacks, however. It's important to understand what types of demands will be made on the turf once it has been installed. Their intended use will have a lot to do with how well it holds up under circumstances. Artificial grass tiles can be used in much the same way as linoleum or ceramic tiles. They are easy to keep clean and require no additional maintenance once they have been put in place.

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How to Clean Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 12 August


Choosing to convert a natural grass lawn to artificial turf is a wise idea in areas where drought conditions can restrict water usage. The first thing a homeowner needs to do is learn how to clean artificial grass and what tools they will need. Unlike natural grass that needs regular maintenance, artificial turf requires very little in comparison. It's affordable too!

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Why Artificial Grass And Dogs Are The Perfect Mix

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 August


Homeowners are finding that artificial grass and dogs make quite a pair. Dogs love to spend time outside. It doesn't matter if they have a human with them or not. They will always find something to do. For homeowners with natural grass lawns, this can mean torn up grass, holes in the yard and a variety of other pet-related problems that can become quite costly over time. One of the best ways to keep the dog happy and prevent them from destroying a lawn is to build a dog run. Dog runs are large enough for the animal to play and have a good time and durable enough to not be damaged by the animal's curiosity and playfulness.

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Different Surfaces You Can Install Artificial Grass On

Posted by Troy Scott on 02 August


Artificial grass can be used in multiple ways. While its most common use is as lawn covering, those who choose to install artificial grass often find new and unique ways to use the remnants. Synthetic grass can be applied to a variety of surfaces creating unique décor ideas. It can be used in functional ways as well, like covering benches, creating pathways and forming boundaries around landscaped areas. Check out our list below of some of the surfaces you can place artificial grass on.

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Why Choose The Synthetic Grass Pros To Install Your Lawn Instead Of A DIY Project

Posted by Troy Scott on 31 July


Many homeowners often attempt to do big jobs on their own, only to find that they have taken on more than they can handle. Installing artificial turf for a small project is much easier than covering an entire lawn. Hiring synthetic grass pros ensures you that the job is professionally done from start to finish.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf Installation

How To Set Up Xeriscaping For Your California Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 30 July


Xeriscaping is the term being used for landscaping techniques that allow for environmentally friendly lawns and areas that dramatically reduce the direct need for water. Because of the severity of drought conditions in many areas of the United States, including California, states have enacted laws that drastically limit the use of water while these conditions are present. Xeriscaping offers homeowners the opportunity to maintain beautiful lawns without worrying about excessive water usage.

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